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Here's a write up I did for my trip, Americade was part of it but couldn't stay for the whole week. 1886 miles up, 1886 back and 1468 miles on the bikes.
I placed this on the events page also. FYI all adult beverages consumed was not while riding and included a DD

Just finished a 2 week visit to the old homestead. Pulled my Goldwing along to see some of the back roads of N.Y. Had some reliability issues with the trailer borrowed (both fenders came off)salvaged one, the other put on a nice show bouncing down the interstate just missing a car.
They must watch NASCAR and followed the scenario's of head that direction and it will be gone by time you get to there. I watched the whole thing in the side mirror and they never let up on the gas.
(Nice Driving)
Niece and her new husband rented a bus and 8 of us took in the winery tours at the finger lakes area,got to party with my brother(fantastic) We concluded that part of the weekend with a bon fire and fireworks, and of course beverage of choice.(We laughed allot during this whole time)
Took off on Memorial day and headed for Livingston Manor where my old HS friend Rudy lives (I guess we're all getting older) Spent the next week and a half riding the beautiful back roads of N.Y. ending up at Americade in Lake George. Stopped in at New Way Lunch (Dirty Johns) in Glens Falls (college days)for hot dogs. We did do one side trip in a car to Clifton N.J. and go to Rutts Hut, if you watch the travel channel and have seenDeep FriedParadise you know the place. (I know, whats this thing about hot dogs) We were going to go to NYC to the first pizza joint but figured the traffic would suck so off for another HD. Had one day on Saturday Rudy had to work, Senior Corrections Officer at one of the Prisons, went back to Apalachin for the day, brother had plan 2.5 hr. drive Oswego Speedway for the Super modifies, had lunch at a place called Rudy's,huge menu, What did I have, Hot Dogs, I really don't eat that many all the time, most of the places have them made just for them. Can really taste a difference to store bought so when there special I have to try them. Got to the race track and at intermission decided we needed a snack, never guess what we had (Oh! your right). Sunday headed back to Rudy's continued our riding, that's when we hit Americade, had to leave Tuesday couldn't stay the whole week, bikes heading that way next couple of days, I'm told there are so many on the weekend might as well park the bike and just walk around.
Getting back to Rudy's house was only around 5pm decided with the weather Wed. had rain in the forecast would head back to Apalachin that evening. Stopped in Vestal at parents of HS girl friends house, I have always stopped to see them anytime I'm in town. Had some great times with them and love them dearly.

Got Rudy to come along with me since Wed. started the Apalachin firemen field days (both of us were members in the 70's)Had to have some Chicken BBQ its better than any here in Texas, saw some folks I recognized which I didn't think would happen had conversation and then on to steamed clams and BEER. Within a few beers the stories started flow from my brother and I like the beer, and laughing at ourselves for things we did long ago.
I left on the return trip on Thursday morning, needed to be back by Sat. Didn't want to go so soon, was a long trip back. Still a lot of folks I didn't get to see that I wanted to. Three things I experienced on this trip. The ride back was longer than the ride there(Always the case to much time to think) Don't always trust your GPS and Satellite Radio has dead spots from here to there.
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