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11/18/2011 5:31 PM

I just rode my ST1100 home from Glenpool, Oklahoma today. Took it down there last Tuesday on the recommendation of a close friend to have new tires put on, ISO grips, and general PM work done for the next year of use.

Friendly and very easy to work with. Will visit with you and let you see what is happening to your bike. Letting you see is a mere $55/hour, but if you just have to get into the mix and join in with the fun, that rate can go as high as $110/hour :badgrin:

They explained, when I asked for the pads to be changed, that they only suggest changing out what appears to be in need before the life of the tire on that wheel will expire. I had asked for “all the pads” to be changed, they changed out one side on the front wheel. Said the other pads were “like nearly new”.

They had everything done that I had asked for and rolling the bike out the door when I asked if it would be possible to flush all of the hydraulic fluids? Not only did they put it back on the lift and do so, they did it w/o an extra charge on my bill.

A tip of the hat to:

Renegade Trikes and Bikes

Renegade Bikes and Trikes
14068 Hickory Place
Glenpool, OK 74033

phone: 918-291-2313
fax: 918-291-0797
email: [email protected]

Business Hours:
Tuesday - Friday
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday and Monday: closed
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