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An unintentional dismount.

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Recently I had a unintentional dismount. In other words I took a spill on my 2008 wing. I was riding down the street with no traffic behind me or coming from the other direction. A woman ran out from the curb without ever looking in my direction. I was going about 30 mph. I tried braking hard, layed on the horn and even shouted for her to get out of the way. At the last moment I did the little swerve movement you learn in class. It worked and I just missed hitting her. However the combination of the swerve, braking and tires that were due for replacement led to my rear wheel sliding out from under me and the bike going down on its left side.
I came down hard on my left side. The bike slid about 60' and I rolled and slid about 30'. Fortunately a police officer was there and witnessed the entire event. She was calling an ambulance before I came to a stop.
I was surprised that even though I wasnt going that fast things went flyying. My eyeglasses went flying, no surprise. My wrist watch band broke and that sailed off. My left shoe broke the lasses and sailed off as well.
My helmet, gloves and leather jacket did their job. I remember hearing the helmet hit yhe ground. My left glove was abraided on the back of the hand but no injury to my hand. I got some heavy road burn on both knees but my pants showed no damage.
My hip and ribs were very sore but nothing broken. Four days afterwards it looked like I was wearing a pair of navy blue bike shorts due to the bruising.
I had originally thought I would hop back up within a week but it took at least 4 weeks really. I no longer bounce back like I once would I spalt now.
By the way there is no damage to the wing. The protective bars did what the were supposed to do. So did my helmet and leather.
I am back riding. I put new tires on, new breaks pads on front, fixed the leaking fork seal and changed the oil. It was all due and not as a result of the spill.
I have about 1000 miles on since the spill. I have a healthy respect for the protective gear and now Im looking into hip pads becausevthat hurt the most. Im just glad it was early n the season. It rained alot and I wouldnt have gotten out that much any. Way. Wear your protective gear it does help.
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I am glad to hear you weren't in worse shape. I too am a believer in all the gear. Mine was sacrificed last June when I crashed but it did its job. New gear and bike and I'm happy.

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lol that leaves me out :)
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