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Another Rider Down

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To begin with I want to say that I am so glad my lovely wife was not with me!!! I Am very fortunate to be typing this although I only have my left hand to type with. I have been having a hard time bringing myself to post this but here goes.

At about 5:00 AM yesterday I was on my way to work on my Wing. I got onto Interstate 45 North bond In League City not far from my home and got up to a bought the speed limit which is 65 mph.. Now anyone that lives or has driven around here knows that at 65 mph you will get ran over!
I moved over into the center lane (3 lanes) and felt the bike start to wobble. I let off the throttle and just barely touched the brakes and it started to get worse. As the bike slowed down the wobble was getting worse and I started heading for the shoulder of the road. I am not sure but I think I made it to the shoulder before the wing and I went down. I can tell everyone that the wobble got very violent!!!! I am not sure how fast I was going at this point but I would have to guess about 50 mph or more!!!! The bike and I landed on the right side and at one point I think the bike flipped over me and then we separated. When I came to a stop I rolled over on my back and my right arm was killing me. In less than a minute there were people standing over me on 911. One good thing is I never lost consciousness. I was wearing a helmet, leather gloves, a heavy leather coat and steal toed work boots. The steal toe on the inside right boot was ground down into the steal. They had to cut my leather coat and other clothes off. In the ER they did x rays, CT scan, reset my dislocated right shoulder and determined that my right elbow is fractured and other than these two things I did not have a scratch on me. I did eat allot of dirt though. I walked out of the hospital at 1 PM yesterday afternoon.
I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon Monday in Houston about my shoulder and fractured elbow. The elbow does not hurt much but the shoulder does quite a bit. I sure hope I don't have to have surgery on my shoulder and that it heals quick so I can go back to work.

I know that I am a very lucky person to pretty much walk away from it.
As far as I know the bike is probably a total loss but that remains to be determined by the insurance company. I do have full coverage on the Wing.

I Have been riding for a very long time and this is the first time I have ever crashed a motorcycle (other than a dirt bike) and I really don't want to get into a big discussion of what could have caused it.

I am so thankful that my lovely wife was not with me!!!!!!!!

Thanks Everyone for letting me share this and for you'll being such a good group of people,

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glad you're ok, it could have been so much worse. stuff happens quick on a bike.
Good gracious Philip, I hate to read these posts like this but let me say that I am so very glad that you are OK and on the mend. It could have been so much worse! That wing can certainly be replaced when you're ready. Keep us posted my friend and let us know how it is turning out.

Take care and get well soon!
Sorry for your misfortune. I'm glad it wasn't worse. It could have been a lot worse... I've lived through a violent high speed wobble. I know how scary they are. Luckily, I didn't go down when it happened to me.... Hope you recover quickly.
Hope you heal up fast and can get back to work and riding again,good luck.
glad you are okay, thats the main part, bike can be replaced
Glad you are OK, (relatively) but I can't imagine you wouldn't want to know what happened.
Good news that you survived. Take things slowly giving your body and mind time to heal.
Glad it wasn't worse.. I hope you have a speedy recovery..........
Glad it wasn't worse.. I hope you have a speedy recovery..........
I'll have to second the above. Don't even want to think about what could've happened with cars on your tail...
The iron can be replaced, you cannot. Speedy recovery wishes sent to you Phillip.
Glad it wasn't worse and your OK.

What do you suspect caused the wing to do what it did? Any issues with the bike before this?
Wow glad you are still with us you are in our prayers my friend
I too wish you the best recovery and although this may notbe the time to discuss the problem we respect your wishes but could help others here prevent this incident if we knew what caused it.. Let us know when you feel like it.Best Wishes Ted
Glad your ok and not banged up to bad. Hope you will heal fast. The bike can always be replaced, we cant. Speedy recovery to ya
Glad your ok and on the mend
I wish you a speedy recovery. Unfortunately shoulders usually take a while to heal but it sounds like you primarly dislocated it and had it reset in short order. I hope when you are good and ready that there will be an opportunity to try to determine if there are any tell a tale indicators as to the cause of such a catastrophic death wobble paticularly at the reasonable speed you were riding. My wobble is around 35 to 40mph when you are not holding on to the handle bars. Thanks for sharing your misfortune and I hope we can all learn something from it. If you were not as seasoned as you are the results could have been much worse. Good job for wearing all your saftey equipment!!!!
Great you are alive, heal well, then ride.
Scary story! Sorry for your misfortune and glad you are around to write about it. But, I would like to know your thoughts on what caused it so that the rest of us that ride can be on the lookout for the cause.
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