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Anual Quail Motorcycle Event

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My friend handed me a ticket last minute. I didn't have time to post this so others could attend if they were able. It was held on Saturday,May 6th at the Quail Golf and Country Club. In Carmel,California.
I need to insert this PSA warning.
The Quail Motorcycle Event. It's an awesome motorcycle show! It's held right on the golf course. Even the parking lot was right on the golf course! I bet the groundsman love this event (sarcasm).
I took over 200 pictures and there was still more to see. I highly recommend this show and I guarantee you will see motorcycles you never knew existed or you always dreamed of seeing. It's a very casual atmosphere. Bikes are not roped off and nobody tells you to stand back or don't touch. Most of the owners would even let you "try one on" if you asked them. Al the bikes run too! It's so cool to see an ancient bike running.....and hear the sounds from 80 or 90 years past. WOW! Go there! You will love it!
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This last picture is the BEST IN SHOW winner. It is a 1929 Miller/Balsamo. Named after designer the builder. It's a two stroke 200cc single cylinder. All monocoque construction. There were about 800 produced. There are only four know to still exist today! This one is one of two that are in running condition!
HA! And you have the nerve to complain about hard to find parts for your Honda!? lol. I was invited to Dave's shop for the unveiling of the bike a couple of years ago and I didn't make it to the party. I've been sniffing around ever since trying to get a look at this bike and meet the owner. The stars all alighned for me last Saturday!
Dave Miller (on the right) is the owner of Zen House Moto in Point Arena CA. Dave is the mechanic that did most of the restoration work. John on the left is the owner of the bike. John and Dave are both veterans of the Quail. This was Johns record breaking third BEST IN SHOW award! It was the first time for the MIller/Balsamo. Dave only wrenches vintage and rare bikes. He does some work for my friend Peter that also won a BEST IN CLASS with his Laverda (not pictured) The little blue "Hummel" scooter is Peter's entry in the scooter class. It didn't win anything though....a Vespa GS took that class win this year.
Mark your calendars for next May and GO THERE! You will love it! Sunscreen recommended!

Ride Safe Everyone!
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I am curious as to what is the tracked machine ?
thanks for the follow up pics. Interesting machine. I dont think I have enough hands/fingers to operate all those levers
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