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Anyone living really close to Mexican Border?

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Hello, i am having a trip in 20 days and i just noticed that i need a new chain and sprockets for my new bike (damn chain thing i am hating this big time)

anyway, i just returned from a trip to the US and im not going to be able to go again in a while now, at least before this trip im doing on the bike.

i was hoping someone who is living near the border with Mexico, would be kind and help me out receiving my chain and sprocket kit from Ebay and travel to the mexican side and ship it with a mexican shipping company.

i cant afford US international shipping rates :(
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Hopefully some member will be along soon to help you out....:claps:
William - as always, at your service.


email me: rusty at desertjags dot com

Estoy en Cd. Juarez chih. y Tengo Direccion en El Paso Tx. donde recibo mis compras de ebay. Te mando un mensaje privado con mi numero de cel. y el E-Mail

Be sure to get an 0-ring chain, last much longer than a standard chain.
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