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"ARCH" New Motorcycle Company

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I thought this was interesting how this Motorcycle is blending new with old. I would imagine they are going to be pretty spendy.
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i should be able to afford that, IF, my ship ever comes in :badgrin:
Just plain do not like it. Only my opinion.
Just plain do not like it. Only my opinion.
I agree with your opinion...
meh , not my cup of tea . But I am sure folks will flock to it .
More of the same ugly, boring, overpriced "custom" bikes.
Gee, another antiquated V twin. wow. (notice lower case wow)

Just plain do not like it. Only my opinion.
Agreed, I looked at it and thought, "Wow - I am getting old a motorcycle I truly do not like." :smiler:
Just plain do not like it. Only my opinion.
Well, not ONLY your opinion. I don't dig it either. Looks like the riding position sucks, the exhaust is just plain nasty, the anodized forks really don't strike my fancy, and frankly, wasn't the shovel head such a terrible motor that even S&S couldn't make 'em reliable?

Looks like a late 70's-early 80's attemp at a V-Rod prototype... and I've already shared my opinion of the V-Rod a number of times... me no likey.

That said, I do rather like small indepentents trying to get in there and play with the big dogs. So even though I don't like it and wouldn't buy it if I had the money... GO KEANU!!! :applause::D
where are the fenders , I need fenders ! `course that won't help me like it any better .
Can you say Buell part II?
Don't hold back guys, tell me what you really think....:cheesygrin::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:
Looks like a bunch of crap piled together. A production rat bike.
While the bike looks interesting it has no fenders, the exhaust ---can you say leg burns!! It looks unfinished.

Move the pegs back, redo the pipes take a few degrees of rake out the fork and now it looks like a old flat track bike!
A 30 minute bike at best! :baffling: Bet they never heard the term, comfortable. :eek: Tom :july4thflag:
I actually like it. I'd reshape the tank though. The "knee dent" is angled the wrong way. But other than that I dig it.
well it's not your grampa's buick. But a sporty good looking bike for older guy's who may not enjoy a sport bike. I'd love one. But alas my budget only alows wing's
Exactly Hanko! Lay that thing down and the hot pipe will go half way thru a leg.Looks like they got about 60% done with building it and stopped.

And if i had to ride in that position for a couple hundred miles,i would probably walk in that position for two days.
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