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Are 1100 crash gaurds a bad design?

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Seems every 1100 fairing I look at has breakage or at least cracks on the right side.
Are the crash guards just a bad design which do not protect the 1100 fairing in a minor drop?

Thought I had a pretty good fairing here to put onto my 82 1100I, but looking at it today it has minor cracks in all the same places the one on my bike is broken.
I have another fairing here and it's broke the same places also on the right side.

So 3 fairings here all with basically the same damage, and I have looked at many others also.

My 82 fell over off the center stand the other day, soft ground. Instead of just laying on the crash bars it went all the way over on the fairing right side. I thought it went over too far because of sitting higher on the side stand maybe, but now don't think so. I think they just go all the way over to lay on the fairing anytime they fall over.

I'm thinking it's done it all the way over before also when I dropped it. Basically just laid it over on side at a full stop in the dirt drive when i first got it.

Anyone know an easy cheap fix to keep an 1100 off the fairing if laid over on the side?
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Chromo that sucks! More ways than one! I just put stock 83 engine guards on my bike. Does yours have hi-way pegs?
It has 1/2 highway boards on each side.
I think at one time they were full boards but now both are broke in half LOL

ya, with my 82 crash guards it seems to just be a pivot point, it lays over to the guards hitting the ground then pivots on over that point to the fairing on the ground with wheels in the air.
Easy to pivot back up over the guards so wheels touch the ground again.
Reminds me almost of a see saw, teeter totter, the guards are the pivot point and just rock it up or down to each side. LOL
Almost all 1100 fairings are cracked on the right side. I don't think it has anything to do with falling over. I dropped my 83i once on each side and other than being harder to pick up than the 1800 it did the same thing, just fell over on the crash bar and stayed there.
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