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Battery for 86 GL1100

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Can anyone tell me what a good battery (Brand and Voltage) is for this model? The Bike came with one brand, my buddy is telling me it doesn't matter too much (and that even the voltage can be different. Which doesn't seem right) and the dealer is telling me something else. I figured I'd come to those in the know. Thanks for the help.
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You can use a wet cell battery like what came with the bike or get a better AGM type battery that will last longer as the acid is in a glass mat and won't spill out or boil out, fully closed case. Deka and Yuasa make a good one.
86 was a 1200, not an 1100 as the title says.
You avatar looks to be an 83 1100(same battery as the 1200 and 1500 uses.
Fat Fingered the date. Sorry about that. Thanks for the great feedback. Ride Safely.
Best battery for a long life, (ie: cheaper by the year) would be the Oddessey PC680. sure it will run you about $120 delivered, but my last one lasted around 16 years and still didn't completely die on me.
Most others will only last between one and three years before leaving you stranded.
That sounds like the battery I need. The longer the life the better. Thank you for the insight.
You don't have to spend that kind of money, this is also a good battery.
Just replaced the one in my 05 with the Yusa AGM, the last one was 8 years old and still worked, but I decided to replace it because of age. Didn't want it to die on me out in the middle of nowhere, so I replaced it with the same one that came out of it. Bought the new one at Cyclemax.:) Firm believer in the AGMs, hated the mess that old style wet cell batteries could make to your frame and exhaust on the Wings.:lash:
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