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philcsand wrote:
Hey, free-flowing ideas are where new products come from. You are folowing the inventor's process...

-Find a problem

-Find a bunch of solutions

-Find the best solution

-Produce it

-Have a large corporation steal the idea

-Spend tens of thousands of dollars in patent court


-Take out a second mortgage on the house to pay your lawyer

-Find a problem...

Ha ha ha ha ha, so funny yet very true!

I went to a "patent help"company one time. They wanted close to $1000 dollar's of my hard earned money and they would fill out my forms and conduct a "patent search" and thats it.

No promises on whether it would even recieve a patent or if someone else had something close already patented, "They" would still keep my cash and my idea.

Hum, make's you wonder what they do with all those idea's.........................

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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