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Well... I'm a slacker and didn't read the new member info........ So here I am, making my introduction post a little late heh

So uh... Hi everybody! My name is Sean, I'm 25 and live southeast of Dayton, Ohio, USA

I'm a first-time motorcycle owner, with a 1981 GL1100 Interstate... I've had dirtbikes and stuff growing up, and my dad has a Harley Heritage Classic - so I'm not a TOTAL n00b to this whole thing.

Actually, the Goldwing is TECHNICALLY my... uh... *counting*... 5th bike. I traded a 1972 Kawasaki S2 Triple for a 1978 (or 79?) Kawasaki KZ1000 C2, which I then traded for a 1977 Kawasaki KZ650 and a 1973 Honda CB350 Four... THEN, I traded the KZ650 for the 81 Interstate. And haven't ridden a single one of them! Haha... Well except for driving the Goldwing up the driveway a time or two haha :cool:

Anyway uh... I've already made a couple posts with questions so I've talked to a few of you before. So thanks for your help! :clapper:

And... Hi everybody else!
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