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Major panic tonight. Rode all day. Errands around town - took the long way most of time because it was so nice out. Then, down the highway about 50 miles to meet the inlaws for dinner andback home. The Wing was running great and I was feeling good.Tomorrow, me and the missus are heading outfor a 3 day trip on the Wing.

I pulled into the local convenience store/gas station on the wayhome around 11pm. Put it in neutral, dropped the kickstand, and shut it off. Took off gloves, helmet, jacket and went in the store. Came out about 10 mins later and suited up again. Turned they key - the lights came on, the dashboard lit up, and I pressed the starter. NOTHING! No starter cranking just the light going dim while the starter was pressed. I tried it again and again with the same result. That never happened before.

Now, I live out in the country and this convenient store/gas stationis a 20-30 min ride from anything. Longer if you're looking for a motorcycle repair facility or a tow truck. And, at 11pm there aren't going to be any bike shops open anywhere- I'm screwed. I called home and had my son start gathering tools and my Haynes to bring out to me. He wants to bring a rope to tow the Wing - "maybe we can pop the clutch after we get it rollingand start it", he says. In my mind, I see my beautiful Wing being dragged down the road on its side with orange sparks flying everywhere and tupperware being ground away while I lie in a ditchon the side of the road. "Forget the rope", I told him. "Just bring the tools and the book".

Still on the phone with him, I start shutting down non-essential things like the radio and going over all the guages one by one. Nothing unusual. Neutral light is on and kickstand is down. I pull up the kickstand and try again - nope. I shift it into gear and pull the clutch in - nope. Put it back into neutral and..... - nope. I shift my eyes to the handle bar, left to right. All the switches are where they usually are and ... wait. What's that big,sort of round switch by my right thumb? Is that the way it usually is? - nope. Flip it to the middle, press the starter, and vroom ...... I'm back in the game. Deep breath......... ok.

I've never used the Kill switch. Never think about it. Never entered my mind that that could be the problem. Must have hit it without realizing it when I got off the bike. Never happened before in the thousands of times I've gotten on/off bikes. Well, it did this time.

Still on the phone, I told my son I fixed it and was running again. I said I'd fill him in when I got home. Boy, did I feel like an idiot.
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