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Believe it or not, the only reason that you have that Goldwing is because, in 1958, Honda started selling the Super Cub.

This little step-through, 49cc (producing a whole, whopping 4.5HP -- maybe) saved the motorcycle industry from impeding doom, and CREATED the image of motorcyclists as something other than thugs.

Seriously. You WOULD NOT HAVE a Goldwing, because not only would they not exist, but you wouldn't be caught dead on a motorcycle, if not for Honda's ad campaign that told the world "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" . . ! The Goldwing continued this tendency of the Honda folks to change the world, so if you are a Goldwing fan, you also must appreciate the little brother that is still such a phenomenon today.

Inspiring the Brian Wilson/Mike Love song "Little Honda," the Super Cup has been in continuous production since 1958, with over 100,000,000 sold worldwide. This is by far the most-produced motor vehicle in history, and those of us who love them will be getting together in Reno, Nevada USA on August 8 (Saturday) for the second annual recognition of Little Hondas.

This FREE event takes place on the Saturday morning of the Hot August Nights car festival, at Big Valley Honda, but this is NOT a "dealership" or "company" event, it's just a get-together of enthusiasts. Bikes eligible for entry are ANY Honda four-stroke which left the factory with less than 135cc displacement. Mini Trails to Monkey, 50 to the Grom, and any engine that you managed to hang on one, any accessories, any modifications, etc., AND any Honda built before 1965.

EVENTS will include People's Choice judging, the new and improved Soba Challenge skills competition, slow ride and a mini-swap meet. And, of course, the chance to see that you are far from the only one who loves these little bikes that changed the world. Since this is completely ad hoc and on a shoestring, there may or may not be prizes.

HOURS: 0800 - 1200 (followed by a ride)

LOCATION: Big Valley Honda,
2225 Market St, Reno, NV 89502

Check our "Biggest Little Honda Rally" Facebook group!

PLEASE pass this information to anyone or any forums who might be interested.
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