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Hi All,
My 1989 GL1500 has been parked since covid started. I decided I wanted to get the bike running again, so I got a new battery, charged it up, and installed it. I then put in the key, turned it to on, and nothing. :( I tested the battery with a VOM and got 13.6 volts. I tested to make sure I had power past the main fuse, and I have 13.6 volts up to the starter solenoid. Itested at the fuse box, and have power on the ignition fuse, the tail light and brake fuses, however, I get no power to the lights, the dash, the radio, or anything else. so I am not sure where to go from here since I cant easily get to the ignition switch to test for power there. I am assuming that during the time the bike sat, I ended up having either a ground corrode, or a connector corroding somewhere in the harness, and I am not sure the best way to find the fault. I can usually sort out electrical issues, but typically I have somewhere to start. Still, usually, I am working with only one circuit not working, making the process much simpler to follow on the diagram. in this case, I have no idea where to begin.

I have had intermittent electrical issues over the years, with the connector at the starter solenoid, the reverse has not worked since I got the bike, and when it is cold outside I would have issues with power cutting out on sharp turns, so I assume that there was a slightly loose connection either at the bank angle sensor or the ignition switch, but have never pulled enough items apart to be able to test/repair these.

I guess I have a couple of questions for the group at large, how much would it cost to have a shop replace the main harness, ignition, and bank angle switches if I were to have someone else do the work? would it be a good idea to replace the harness with a known good one, or would it be better for me to attempt to find and clean all the connectors first, or any thoughts on my best path forward?

I really appreciate all the consideration, and thanks for reading.
I am in the process now of replacing gears from the starter and a new fuel tank. It took me and a friend 3 days to get the gas tank out, a lot of that was trying to figure out how to get the tank from the wiring harnesses. Hopefully you can find where the circuit is not making connections, and there is a chance a new wiring harness may not fix the problem. I have worked on a lot of things in my lifetime, but my Goldwing has been 3 times harder that anything i have worked. The only thing that saves me is I am very patient and do not have a temper. I just bought another Goldwing and getting the carburators out took me well over 8 hours. Great road bike and worth the trouble, but getting real mechanic would cost twice what the bike is worth on the broken gear problem.
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