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Not kidding

Thanks everybody for your info and input.. so far the bike has done good haven't got to ride it much due to the weather.. Still having a problem with the foot brake pedal going down to far learned the hard way not to adjust it to far.. Locked the brakes up in the middle of a hill ..thinking about making a extender for it to bring it up some
It is likely that the brake fluid needs changing and a good brake bleed.
Perhaps the pads are worn out and need changing.
Making an extension to the peddle doesn't seem to be a good idea to me.

I would bet that this bike has gone YEARS without proper maintenance. It is now up to you to get it back to spec ASAP. This will be a great reliable bike once the meaintenance is up to standards.

Get a manual - MOST of the maintenance items are easy to do for even a novice mechanic. With the resources available here online you can do a LOT of the work your self and save money.

Do not start making modifications to an almost flawless Honda design before getting to KNOW the bike inside and out...

(You will thank me later)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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