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:cool: Looks like I'm making a run to near northwest Los Angeles, Ca. early next week.
Anyone else riding out that way, we can ride together?
I may haul my trailer "IF" someone needs "X" delivered. :cooler:
I plan on riding long hours and semi-hard (steady 60-65) I wanna 'get'r done'.

I have room for one live body, if one needs to be delivered.


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Wish I could ride to CA. again, but right now I can't.
No time or money for that big a trip.
Though if I find the money I could make the time LOL
Maybe I could ride a little with you? I need to get out and ride!

So what are your plans? Just riding out and back fast, or staying a bit? When?
You going to mostly camp out or hotel it? What's the planned route?

If your riding out I40

Check out Harra's in Laughlin, NV. if the time works for you. Check to be sure rates are same, Sun.-Thurs. the casino hotel was only $20 a night, $15 a night if you get their players card. I don't really gamble but it's a nice place to stay anyway.
If you want WIFI though that's an extra $12 a day LOL
It's a really nice hotel, much better than a fleabag on side of road for $50!
Bullhead city is just across the river, only a couple mile short ride, free wifi over their at MC Donalds which is what I used. Food and gas at Bullhead city also.
Sometimes the casino's have great buffets cheap, though last time I was there it was good/ok but not great. Harra's has an expensive fancy buffet, but a casino a few blocks away was $9 buffet.
From Kingman, AZ HY 68 was a good road to take into Bullhead City, 4 lane, down a mountain a LONG ways, a bit steep too, but not a cliff hanger nor too winding. I rode it at night on way out with my trailer about 1/2 loaded.

GET GAS BEFORE Needles, CA! They were about $0.70 or more a gallon higher in Needles than on either side coming or going! Cheapest gas I found on way out was in Kingman, AZ, it was good gas and the cheapest on the entire trip!
Also exit 9 I40 in AZ. "I think it is" was much cheaper gas close to Needles so a good place to fill for far less both directions to avoid Needles prices! If stopping in Laughlin then fill in Bullhead City to avoid Needles.

Also a place to avoid gas is Williams, AZ area I40. Williams is a REAL RIP OFF!
I think I was paying mostly $3.38gal, they were $4.09gal!!
I was told gas was so high because they consider themselves a tourist town only 2 hours from Grand Canyon LOL
I expect most everything may be too high there then.
Gas was not as bad but still way too high for about 20-30 miles either side as I recall so best to be sure to have enough gas to pass up that area.

Your riding out in about prime heat season! Be sure to drink tons of water!
I'm sure you know already.
A cooling vest is great to have. I soaked mine in cold water at rest area water fountains as needed when I came home. Also be aware some of the rest areas are closed on I40 so don't really count on them!
Also you can get free ice water at places if you have your own cup, drink allot, also can lay out the vest flat and poor the water on it.

Once you get into CA. large coffee is $2 or more at Mc Donalds!!! If you drink allot of coffee like I do beware! LOL
It gets expensive in CA. and though cheaper at gas stations the coffee may be good or brown hot water or taste like a skunk smells!! If you have 12V coffee pot that's a good place to use it! Or heat water and drink instant coffee, it may be yucky coffee but at least you know what to expect unlike buying $2 coffee!
If you have your own cup most places are much cheaper for a coffee refill or get free ice water.
Gatoraid powder is good to take along also and is good to add a bit to the ice water at times. Much much cheaper than trying to buy it on the road in bottles.
I often get a large glass of ice and fill an empty Gatoraid quart bottle with the ice, then add water and powder. Makes a great drink, cheaper than buying bottles on the road, and a few full of ice will keep the cooler cold.
I expect you will have a cooler with you if taking the trailer.
Filling bottles like that with ice, even buying bags of ice, is good to keep the water clean as the ice melts, then you have lots of cold water to drink!
Also if taking food that needs to stay dry and cold, keeping the ice in bottles keeps the food dry. If you pack a few ice bottles in the bottom you can sit food on them, toss loose ice on top if wanted, and the bottles of course hold the food up out of the water as the loose ice melts.
I always hated soggy sandwiches or lunch meats LOL

If you can carry a little extra gas it may be a good idea, some places it may be a bit far to next station! Also be aware there are still signs up for gas at exit ?? and when you get there it's an abandoned building and nothing is there! I think I found 4 or 5 of those at least! I always tried to get gas while I still had about 1/4 tank left, just in case I had to ride past a couple closed stations! A couple times I got pretty low before I got to one once I decided I needed to fill-up. I had a 6gal boat tank on my trailer and never used it, still full, but I came close to needing it a couple times.
I was probably pushing my luck a little extra since I did have the emergency reserve and I could pass a station if I did not like it.

Once you get to the desert and rural areas you do not want to trust billboards with your life! The billboard may be there still, but the gas and food or hotel may not be!
Many smaller places may have gone out of business and even some larger places.
If traveling on Sunday expect most of the Indian places to be closed also.
And they no longer sell cheap cigarettes either like they used to, they are the same high prices as anywhere else in the area. Probably $4 for Pall Mall's will be about the cheapest you will find anywhere or maybe luck out and find them for $3 rarely. Others are much higher and often the Pall Malls will be higher too!
If you need them, passing through MO. you may find the best prices?
Decade, a decent generic, is around $25 a carton here, more or less depending where you buy them. Not sure what others cost.

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LOL Chomo, a rather long short story. :claps:
I'm going for a quick out & back.

I-80 to I-76 to I-15 and return about the same. Depends on the time left.
Hopefully I'll be night riding in the heat. If not, helmet & water soaked do-rag will do. That worked real well back in 1980's 121 degree heat in the shade going thru Vegas.

Yesterdays gas prices, the trip out avg. to $1.51 p-gal.
Gas stops planned already. Carrying extra 5-gal gas.
6.25+5=11.25 Gallons. Bike loaded (and lowest mpg) I fig'r 38 mpg.
That will get me around 425 miles of non-stop monkey-butt riding.
AND.... if I take the trailer I can carry all the gas needed for the whole trip.

Camping where needed and either "Dollar menu" fast food or cans of Beef Stew, etc.. ORRrrr nothing, I could use a No-Intake diet.
I got a new 9x9x72" tent, have yet to set it up. So I'll have enuff room for me and ?

This is gonna be like my old days, 1970's riding, on my Honda 500-4.
I might even do a Chromo'Pack? Deb knows I got enough bags for everything/anything.


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Can't stress the high heat enough, just be careful

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I see your taking a nice north route.
For some reason I was thinking dropping south and across the middle.
I think the PM "N.W. LA CA" confused me. I was thinking you were going to Louisiana first then going over to California. I guess LOL

You'll be too far north for us to meet up. I was thinking maybe ride with you a bit when I was thinking the southern route as you'd be near enough. Heck it'd be 500 miles heading North for me to just meet up though on the North route. LOL
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