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Hi there all,
Firstly thanks to all for your valued information on all items requested in past.

I have a gl1500 and fed up with the old radio/cassette stereo system. My radio is Japanese which means minimal bandwidth. i bought a bandwidth expander from ebay but bollocks, nothing (actually it is even worse, now my aux iphone connection which is @ 88.5 mhz gone down to 83.5 and distorted).

So I was wondering, has any geniuse found a solution?? meaning has anyone found a a way to substitute the oem radio / cassette stereo and install an updated stereo with cd/aux in and of course a better amplifier using the same harness???.

If there is such solution I would be very glad to find out about it and solve my problems. I know i may be asking for much bit in reality a stereo which does not work properly reallyis irritating.

cheers all
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I agree! I hate owning something which doesn't work.

As for the GL1500 radio, Mine still works but I wish it had integrated Aux inputs. I think I'd do the whole conversion without altering the harness at all. It would seem... there should be some way to mount the radio remotely... say in the trunk and the just have some sort of plug-in module where the current unit is. I seem to remember this cool remote iPod plug in hoochidoo in a West Marine catalog... lemme see if I an find a link:

Fact is, the entire marine audio section looks very interesting, especially the asscesories:

Hope this helps.
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Have you thought of looking for a 'stock'one on Ebaythat has the US spec bandwidth? May not solve the amp problem, but at least you'll have more bandwidth to enjoy and if you add the aux imput mod to it, you'll be able to add a MP3 or your iphone and keep all the original functionality and looks. :baffled:

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Dusty/ aris
nice idea for stock oem, do you know where I could find one cheap?
Appreciate your help

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...stock oem, do you know where I could find one cheap?
They are not cheap... even used.. $200-$300 is the going price for a so-called "working" unit that you have no idea what that means (on ebay) going all the way up to $1200 for a new one... but even a non-working used one for a couple hundred can probably be fixed for another hundred or so... somebody like Sierra might be able tosupply you a working unit, although I don't know what their overseas policy is...
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i can promise this radio works. with that said i cannot guarantee the tape deck.

i heard radio before i took off for a friend but had no tape to check the tape deck

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