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Capacitor on 1500GL altenator

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Please don't shoot me for bringing the alternator back into discussion but I really need all the advise I can get. My Bike has been standing for 2 months as I am replacing the alternator but I do not have the capacitor which is fitted to the back.
A local service centre in South Africa has ordered one but it is taking forever to reach us!!!

My question is can the bike be used without the capacitor? What is the function of the capacitor? Can I fit one with the similar Amp output, which is 0.5 - 1.5??

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The capacitor is for noise reduction for radio intereference. Yes you could substitute or just use as is. Radio might not work as well.
The capacitor is for the CB radio, it reduces noise in the CB.
Welcome to the forum John

As said the capacitor is for noise reduction in the CB
The Compufire alternator doesn't come with one on it and says not to use the capacitor to which I have not had a problem with and noise in the CB with out one on it.
I'm not sure if a stock alternator really requires one or not as I haven't tried not using one without the capacitor.
As the brushes in the alternator contact the rotoating communtators, it causes a "whine" in the CB radio. I don't know about Compufires not needing a capacitor, but I know without one on my re-built alternator, it screamed in the headsets! Welcome form Alabama! My nieghbor is the principal at Rick's institute,(Lyberia), this year!! Dr. Keske is due home in a couple months. God bless, jimsjinx
The capacitor came off my stock alternator years ago, and I do not have any interferace noise with radio, or C.B
'98 S.E.
The GL1500 will have 2 capacitors if it has a CB, the capacitor on the rear of the OEM alternator is to help filter the voltage supplied to the general electronics of the bike. Is this required? So of the electronics on the bike are sensitive to ripple, like the LCD display and the audio section of the radio. This will become really apparent if your grounds start to oxidize. The 2nd capacitor is located on the side of the alternator, it is a metal can type capacitor with one end connecting to the positive post on the alternator and the other end to the housing of the alternator, this capacitor is used to help filter out alternator whine in the CB.
Just about any type electrolytic capacitor can be used for this, just make sure the voltage rating is greater than the operating voltage, the uF of the capacitor should be in the order of 470uF or higher, so by getting a 470uf @25V woulf work well for this application.
I was wondering the same about why two capacitors, now I know thanks for that. Dave from Lacombe ab. CANADA
Thanks Guys!!! You were of great help. I fitted the altenator without the capacitor and she is running beautiful. Will just check if the battery is being charged and then go and eat-up some tar. Bought her 2 months ago and could not ride her because of the alternator problem!! I have no noise feedback on the radio and we do not use CB radios here so should not miss the capacitor at all!

John, Tzaneen, South Africa
John from Tzaneen. My GL1500 has an alternator whine even when playing music through the tape. The radio is very soft. So soft I cannot hear it when riding. The alternator whine was picked up recently after the rear brake switch went. I replaced this with a new switch today but the whine is still their. I do order all my parts from cyclemax in the US. takes 21 says to reach me by USPS mail. Also it has to pass customs in Windhoek. Their (Cyclemax) service is excelent. I live in Gobabis Namibia.
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