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Carb opinion poll

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I've come to the conclusion that my carbs need to be rebuilt. I could have them rebuilt, I know my limitations and doing them myself is beyond my capabilities. This would probably cost over $600 by the time I pay for all the shipping and parts or I could do a single carb conversion for about the same price. This is the conversion I'm looking at using . If I go the rebuild route I'll probably be sending them to Pistol Pete's. Which way would you folks recommend going?
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Don't know but that sounds like a pretty sweet deal on the conversion.....JD
If you can pull the stock ones out, you can rebuild them.

If you can do all the modifications needed to install a single conversion, plus the tuning you NEED to do with it, you can rebuild the stock ones.

That being said, do what you want.

rebuilding is not hard just tedious..octane's how to is a great reference and Randall's kit is the don't have to a mechanic to rebuild just methodical...hell you don't even need very many tools..phillips screw drivers..well JIS's just a phillips with a bit shorter point.. and two 10mmm wrenches to loosen the cables and 10mm socket to loosen the intakes.
I'm real good at taking stuff apart, it's putting it back together where I have problems.:11brown:
I think you can get them rebuilt for less than 600 bucks.
I'm looking at sending them to Pistol Petes in Texas, I think he charges $485 for 1100 carbs plus shipping. After shipping costs to Texas from Canada, having them rebuilt, shipping costs back to Canada plus any duty or taxes that might apply I think $600 is right in the ballpark, might even be low. If anyone knows a Canadian shop that they would trust to do it it might save some money. The only reason I'm considering doing the conversion is because I'd rather be riding than messing around with carbs. From what I've read on this site and on other sites these carbs seem to be a never ending source of problems. it right, store it properly and you'll be done with the carbs for years to come. I disagree with's not necessarily easy. If you don't know what you're doing expect some trial and tribulation.
Does anybody know how to sink the carbs on a Goldwing?
Nothing wrong with factory carburetors so long as they are in good shape and have held up over the years. The 1100 carbs seem to hold up better than the 1000 racks do because of a better alloy, not because of time, I know it anyway. So, if the metal is in good shape on the outer visible surfaces of the float chamber then there is a good chance that the unseen inner surfaces are in good shape as well. No amount of cleaning and very little tuning capability can replace lost metal.

As to a conversion, LD would be my pick except that I have my own. He has helped many I beleive. Good on him. Tuning the carburetor that he uses is actually pretty simple and uncomplicated. No doubt he would provide endless help if asked for it.

Cost comparisons? Yes, I think $600.00 may just be on the low side if having a Pro do it. Are there variables in what would need replacing versus what he is already supplying in a rebuild? Is it, "buy Randakk's kits and I'll put them in." Or is it, "buy Randakk's kits and I'll put them in and whatever else it needs to finish the job for the price we discussed." At least with LD, it's a fixed-figure bolt-on-and-go known with no variable unless you've some other problem aside from induction.

I would certainly choose LD's set-up with the carburetor he is using (a PICT-30, right?) over what is currently available on eBay. A PICT-34 is too large in my experienced opinion. Throttle response off-idle suffers enough with intake tract distance increases alone. A large single venturi carburetor does not help that situation, worsens it. Nowhere would Solex suggest using such a large carburetor for a 1.1 liter engine. 2 cents.
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I may be wrong and often am,but i believe the single carb gives less mpg
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