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I have a 1989 1500, and the carbs are not right, either.
I can't choke it to start it - even cold - and all I have heard is I need to replace all the hoses under and between the carbs
I do have a shop manual that lists all the different sizes of hoses, and it has my head spinning.
My manual is for 1994 and up, if you would like a copy.
I used to have a 1995 "20th Anniversary" GL1500 Aspencade. Great bike! And, I decided to check out those 90-degree hoses coming off the bottom of the carbs. I learned two things in the process: To make the job of replacing those hoses, which are almost certainly cooked hard if you have 100k miles on the bike, you have only to remove the cooling fans on both sides: two little bolts each and you'll have plenty of room to assess things and replace things as necessary. The second thing I learned on this job was that, while it might make sense to have an aluminum-covered heat-retention blanket over the engine when you ride in downtown Tokyo, it is the thing that cooks those hoses, so I removed as much of mine as I could, and the bike ran tip-top until I sold it about 3 years ago.
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