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Carb Rebuild or other? 1985 Interstate

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The motor stumbles badly,vibrates and bogs at low rpm. If i get on it, it smooths out but it needs to be addressed. I was all set to disassemble,inspect,clean and synchronize the carbs(or at least attempt to) but i want to run something by you experienced Goldwing guys.

here is what i noticed....
when the bike runs at normal operating temp( about halfway on the temp guage) the stumble pretty much goes away. It hasnt been warm here yet so it hasnt gotten up to temp all that often. I let it warm up (takes a long time) until its up to temp and it runs pretty well but it after a few mins on the road, the temp drops and it starts running badly. I thought maybe the thermostat was stuck open so i removed it and tested it. I put it in a pot of water , heated it up and it does open and close. It is a 180 degree tstat. The antifreeze was straight antifreeze and seemed very thick so i made an approx 50% solution and reassembled. It did seem to run a little warmer but not all that much/
My question is...Am i barking up the wrong tree with rebuilding/synching the carbs? Has anyone run across these same symptoms? If I apply the choke while riding it runs better but of course revs pretty high between shifts.
I have run it almost empty, ran seafoam through it and seafoamed through the airbox and it helped a little.

Thanks in advance for your help, this is a great Site!
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Sound like carbs. Do you have the tools and skills to work on them?

The antifreeze thing bothers me. Quickly, go get some pre-mix from your local Honda car dealer and use that. You need a silicate-free solution and it must be mixed with distilled water. Anything else will damage the cooling system.
welcome to the site
since the mc is probably new to you,what if anything do you know about the history

definetely sounds carb related and since the sync is fairly easy its worth a shot before pulling the carbs,maybe even draining the bowls first to see if they have any water in them from sitting awhile

keep us advised
Thanks so much for responding ! sorry i havent responded faster but life has thrown me a curve...again. Unfortunately i know nothing of the history other than the fact that it changed hands 3 times in the 2 months prior to me getting it.
BUT i tell ya what man im digging this bike! I finally have just about all of the accessories removed and its pretty much back to stock..or less. i also removed the hack job radio and cb for now. the dash looks a lil funky with everything missing but its just cosmetics. You know how it is...i wont feel comfortable until i know everything about the bike. I've never owned a motor like this so thia is all very new for me. I worked in a vtwin repair shop and also as a heavy duty equipment service mechanic so I am mechanically inclined but not a master by any stretch of the imagination.
I'm basically broke so i'm doing things a little backwards at the moment. I would love to do a full tune up including belts if neccesarry but as i said i'm broke. Actually, many of the lights i removed are pretty cool so i may try to sell them here so i can have some dough for the tune up.

I do have a question though. The bike runs pretty good(not great) when its warmed up. Good enough to make me second guess a carb rebuild/synch project until i resolve this issue. If the weather is less than 70 dgrees or so the bike cools off drastically when riding. Almost down to the blue section of the guage. Then it runs pretty crappy. It acts like a stuck thermostat but as i said, i've already had it out. Maybe its still hanging open a little when running? I did replace the coolant and the temp issue is the same although i sleep better lol.
Maybe i should still attemp the home made synchronize.
I did just come into $200 but i need a rear tire yesterday so i was hoping to score a tire and have enough leftover for a tstat. my hope is to get it running at the correct temp before screwing aroiund with the carbs. whatcha think?

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