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Carburator Options for GL1000

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I can find little to no sources for rebuilders, bolt-on replacements, Weber single and dual conversions, manifolds for the latter, etc...

If an individual wanted to overhaul or replace, what service options are available beyond their own garage?

Carbs seem to be a scary subject.

Dealers seem to him-and-haw about it.
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Have you checked Randakk's??
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I'm not sure that I understood well, do you want to overhaul the carbs on the GL1000? If so you will find most parts you need to do the job (gaskets, o-rings, etc.)at Randakk's

P.S. While I was typing Jim alredy answered!:waving:
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Randakks is great,... the best.

But, ifI wanted to have the work performed by a shop.... who would have that shop?

If I wanted a Weber conversion, either single or duals, who offers that?

I'm going to go over the 'Wing this winter and would like to find a dual Weber set-up, maybe even a single carb, ready to bolt-on. Set the idle, sync 'em up, and be done with it.

I like wrenching on my bikes, I don't like piece-mealing parts though.

Randakks is the best, but his site says he is not producing the manifolds until he finds a less expensive manufacturer for them. I've found no single manifolds.

Just trying to get a jump on the winter and find stuff now.
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if you want it to run better, put 1100 carbs on it

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I have a dual weber 32/36 on my 77 and stockers on my 75.
It entirly depends on your funds what you want to do.I am happy with both types of carburation.Carb rebuiders want a lot of money to rebuid a set of stockers.
The webers are spot on but need heat to the manifold to make them work to there potential when the engine is cold.
When they are warm it runs simply awsum.
Stockers are best for the less mechanically inclined.

I want to die like my grandfather,peaceful in his sleep.Not screaming like the passengers in his car.
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Its going to be hard to beat the stock carburetion . Check again at Randakks . He has some shops he recommends to service carbs . Its not for the thin of wallet but the work will be top quality if Randakk endorsed the shop .

He did have manifolds for Weber units , though he may have discontiinued them due to pricing. Perhaps the manifold he doesnt sell is the single carb style . He was also working up a blower package .
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I actually Agree with Captainmidnight, i was also looking for options for different headers, maybe fuel injection etc.. i mean come on.. it's just mixing air and fuel.. just like every other combustion engine.. the issues come from balance and performance.. i'm even thinking of building my own fuel injection as i can't find anything for my 81.

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Yesterday I saw a post that had a wing with two carbs running without the seemed to be a bit 'rodded' but it sounded pretty sweet. Looked today before work, and here sitting at the bunkhouse but can't find it again....
Anyone ?
Would love to show my daughter after all the work she put into rebuilding the stock carbs.
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Was this the bike you saw?

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PETE'S IS one of hte best rebuild there's a link on Randall's site to Pete's and one or two other rebuilders her recommendes..Randall is the source for good info in him!!
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That is the one !!!
Wish I could have shared the grin on her face !!
Thnx a heap bud..

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A company Cycle Innovations used to make a manifold to mount a single carb on a g1000. I found this linke on this site from July 6. The guy has the single carb setup and wants the originals. Maybe you guys can swap.
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sfruechte wrote:
A company Cycle Innovations used to make a manifold to mount a single carb on a g1000. I found this linke(d) on this site from July 6. The guy has the single carb setup and wants the originals. Maybe you guys can swap.
Oooops, too late. I bought that set from Dan.
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