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cb antenna

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has anybody left the cb antenna cable inside the trunk instead of removing the left passenger box and drilling the hole.
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Drill what hole?:? There is a hole already in the trunk to slide the CB antenna cable through. It looksthe same as the one that the radio antenna goes through. Check it out!:waving:
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I had a matching Mount made for my CB Antenna a few months ago, and it looks like the gactory built one. You can easily make one with 1.8" Alunimum. What kind of antenna are you running? HAve you had your SWR's checked? Below are the instructions. If you are running over a 3, you can burn out your reciever. Happened to me. The BEST I can get is 2.5 on 19, and 2.3 on Channel 12. Below is how to check snd set the SWR's. You will need a meter.
# Turn CB off and disconnect the antenna coax cable from the back of it.
# Connect the end of you antenna coax to the SWR meter where it indicates "antenna"
# Connect the short coax cable coming from the transmitter position on the SWR meter to the back of the CB.
# Turn on the CB.
# Set the CB to Channel 1.
# Set the SWR meter to the FWD position.
# Key microphone and turn knob until the SWR meter indicates the "set" position. Un-key microphone.
# Flip SWR meter to the Reflect position.
# Key microphone and look at the reading on the SWR meter. The lower the reading, the better. If the meter shows in red DO NOT operate CB. Re-check your connections.
# Turn CB to channel 40. Follow instructions 7-10 again.
# Adjusting your antenna (matching the 40 channel bandwidth).

* If the reading on channel 1 is higher than the reading on channel 40, you need to lengthen your antenna. Alternately, if the reading on 40 is higher, your antenna is too long.
* For example, if your reading is 1.3 on channel 1 and 2.1 on channel 40 you need to trim down the tip, turn adjusting ring, or pull out wire a small amount, cut it, and tuck it back against the coil.
* If your reading is 2.7 on channel 1 and 1.5 on channel 40 your antenna is too short. the only solution is to add a spring, raise the antenna, or reposition it.
* If any adjustments are needed, they should be made in small increments. Re-check after each adjustment. Be sure to have all components on the antenna when testing, including the tip if there is one.

# Re-connect the antenna after adjustment
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I found the hole, thanks,

Have not calibrated the cb, just installed last night

Is there a reason for putting the cable under the seat, verses leaving it in the trunk?

Do I need to change the antenna connection to use the SWR meter?
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