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Hello everybody!
Excuse my english I'm french.
Today I found an old archive in my hard drive.
In 2011 I drew the wiring diagram for made a electrical harness for a CB Hondaline on my Goldwing 1500, and at the time I tried to made a english translate but I never took the time for send on this forum.
Today I give it (Better late than never).
You can find the connectors BHO1720 and BHO7901 on Ebay (without space between characters).
For the Hitachi connector you can find on website of corsatechnic.
The hitachi connector is represented with locking up.


Another tip, on Goldwing 1800, If you are looking for a connector to repair your harness, you can find similar connectors, the name is HD Land Rover.

Ride safe
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