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CB problem GL1800

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I installed CB with provided filters but encountered following problem. Incoming signals are OK and and clear but when I transmit there is a schreech and sometimes I can hear my own voice on the speakers
whilst CB is set to Intercom.
I understand when transmitting I am not supposed to hear myself.

What could be the cause?Would appreciate input.

regards from Holland.

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This is a fairly common issue with "common mode" RF interference from the CB radio's transmission entering into the intercom.

Often the "fix" can be as simple as routing the antenna cables as far away from the other system cables as possible and verifying that the antenna's ground is perfect.

Honda ran into this same trouble in 2006 with the Airbag models and created a service bulletin ( ), which also introduced the addition of ferrite core-chokes in pigtails (small extension cables) for the intercom system .. these pigtails help to remove the RF from the audio signal.

I don't enjoy paying Honda's price for these cable bits,and simply added some cinexpensive ferrite beads onto the existing harnesses to achieve the same effect.
  • To decouple any RF from the outside of the CB antenna cable, I added a snap-on ferrite bead near both ends of the CB cable.
  • To protect the intercom amps and inputs, I fitted some smaller beads onto bike's harness just inside of the headset connectors and again another bead to the 5-pin DIN connection.
If I remember correctly, thes clip-on beads (they refer to these as "Snap-Its") are from (several distributors to order from) and used their #31 mix material. Looking at this vendor's page, I believe that I used their p/n 0431164281 which are about 40mm long so a little manipulation of the bike harness is required to fit... there is no need to use the exterior plastic shell to hold the split ferrite bead onto the cables, and you can use a good wrapping of friction tape or shrink-tube to hold them in place (to help fit into tight places)

I'm certain that something similar would be available to you locally, as this type of signal interference is quite common in AM transmitter operation.

I believe that this squeal is the driving force behind why the OEM CB radios all seem to be set for such pathetically low levels of modulation, which so greatly reduces their usable range.
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I may be wrong in this, however, it is my understanding that the i-com function of the audio system isn't mute unless you push the "mute" button. The mic audio is routed to both CB and I-com when you key the CB, so you and your passenger will hear what is being transmitted.
I was using "elect" mics on my 1500 however, when I bought my 2012 1800 I had to redo my mics on the helmets to a dynamic mic because of squeal. The elect mics were over modulating the CB causing a feed back squeal in the audio system.
Because of the close proximity of both mic and speaker in the headset and the I-com function of the unit an audio feedback will happen if the mic sensitivity is to high, this has to be taken into account when designing these systems.
cb problem gl1800

I found the problem. Antenna was sloppy fit on its base due to the little pin below the elbow to fold down showingen excessive play. An intermittent ground problem must have ocurred . I replaced pin with thin bolt/nut and now everything works.

But.......... on wifes GL1500 another peculiar problem cropped up. See new thread.

Thanks for responses,

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