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Someone asked for an ABC on this site some time ago, here goes.

What You Need

  • 2 Lts of Silicate free antifreeze you only need 2 Lts of A/F & 2 Lts of distilled
water for this job on the final fill.

  • The system holds 3.8 Lts of 50/50 mix of antifreeze.
3 x 5Lts cansof distilled water this will give you 4 flushes & one 50/50 mix.


  • Large tray or bowl to catch liquid in.
  • Battery tester or turkey baster.
  • Empty 1 Lt bottle.
  • Funnel with 10” of tubing attached.

Parts To Take Off Bike

  • Two inner covers one over expansion tank one over rad cap.
  • Centre cover where ignition key goes.
  • Radio & radio cover optional.
  • Seat if you want to take the radio off optional.
  • Lower cover to gain access to water pump drain plug.

The Job

1 Put bike on centre stand. Cold engine.

2 Put large tray under front of engine.Take out drain plug with the brass washer on. Take off rad cap drain into container.

3 Use the battery tester or turkey baster to remove A/Freeze from the reserve tank.

4 Put drain plug back & fill with 3& half Lts of distilled water.

5 Run engine upto hot say 10 / 15 minutes at tickover fans will cut in .

6 Switch engine off.

7 Let engine cool down for 20 / 30 minuets.

Now repeat steps 2 to 7 three more times.

If you want to use a rad/engine flush product do it on your second flush & add one extra clean distilled water flush befor you put the antifreeze in on your last fill.

Last fill use a mix of 2Lts antifreeze 2Lts distilled water.

You will have some of this fill left over .Keep it to top up with.

TIP Buy 5 Lts of antifreeze put 2&half Lts in a container to use now to one side.

Add 2&half Lts of distilled water to the 5Lt can put this away to use in 2 years time .

Now go out for a1 hour run when you get back let engine cool off and top up if needed.

Job done it takes about 4 hours.

Hope this helps someone.

Keith Davidson.:cheesygrin::cheesygrin::cheesygrin:


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Thanks Keith

I need to do mine soon.
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