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Chrome rotor covers for 96 wing

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I have a pair of chrome rotor covers that came off a 96 Goldwing SE.
They are in excellent shape.Bought the bike with only 17,000 original miles!Old owner put the ring of fire on the bike and took the original ones off @ the 13,000 miles mark.They have been stored in a sealed box since he took them off.. Gave them to me when I bought the bike.
Will take $50.00,plus postage.
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PM Sent
Do you still have the rotor covers or are they sold?
Rotor covers

I am also interested in the cover if everything else falls through.
Well, I sent him a PM in early March for some pics which were promised but never materialized & got no further correspondence after some followup PM's so I'd guess they're no longer available.
guys like this really pee me off , they put up and ad and then dont have the manners to either answer the pms or post to let us know that the item is sold , I will give it another day or so and the delete it ,, costs nothing for good manners ..
so true, I'll just save up & get some new ones from CycleMax.
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