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Chromo's wild ride, or Return of Chromo!

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Well, last year I bought my 95 in CA, and I liked it herre so well I have returned again this year buying up a parts or project bike. Swapping engine to my 95 to fix the 4th gear issue soon.

Well, I left home awhile ago, some of you may have noticed I've not been online posting. When the posting stopped I was hittinng the road, and not been online since really other than to che3ck for Pm's.

Got here in Oceanside, CA Monday safe and sound. Was a nice trip, stopped a couple days to visit great friends in NM.

Pulling small trailer on my first long trip it's been fun. Only 4'X8' with short sides.
Starting out I had testing the trailer to local runs at home for a total of around 500 miles and all was great.
I hit the road early morning but not as early as I had wanted due to heavy fog and my dog decided to chase a deer that morning also. LOL
When the dog came back about an hour later I put her on the chain and headed on out. Normally I let the dog run being I live in woods but lately she has been trying to chase vehicles on the dirt road passing by, so on the chain for awhile till she breaks that habit.

I got rolling and things were fine for awhile, then started getting lot's of odd feelings in bike. Slowed me down a bit stopping to check things at times, never really figured what it was then, maybe just nasty roads?
At one point I even dropped my trailer and ran back over some road I just ran to see if the bike handle the same without the trailer or if it was the trailer causing it. Bike handled same so was not the trailer.

So I was running later than I wanted already.
Seem to be Spring cutting time for the sides of AR. 2 lane HY! WATCH the Turns and junk in road! Mowers were tossing large piles of grass/hay into the the road about half the lane wide. As I passed one mower carfully it tossed a large rock up out into the road which bounced a time or two and clunked hard unber my wing. Well, sitting about 30 minutes at the nearest place to stop checking to be sure no cracks or leaks! That rock hit hard under the engine but no damage so on I rode.

Heading into OK, OK looked like storms ahead, but they all blew to the N.E. of me and I was heading S.W. soon.
Lot's of Lighting off to my right in those dark clouds, weather fine and nice a but windy for me though. It seems my rightside is where the dark clouds and lighting like to ride with me. Almost always to my right, seldom to my left? LOL

So about 20 miles before getting to Lawton OK I pull up to an intersection in the dark of night, not real late, just after dark. As I pull out into the road making the left turn in middle of nowhere some-one tossed about 300 gallons of water onto me! Well it seemed that way anyway! :shock:
I felt 1 or 2 drops as I pulled up to that stop sign, but it dumped on me big time before I even got the left turn made! coming down so hard I could barely see the road for about 5 miles maybe and it was gone.
Course I was not wearing my Frogs at the time so I got totally soaked!
Also I've rode hard storms many times and was wondering why in the heck I was getting pound right in the chest with all that rain, that never happened before! CLOSE THE VENT DUMMY! :ROFL::ROFL:
Not used to a vent really, had it open last year, closed all winter, was open that day. Never thought of the vent till I was stopped and putting on the toggs at the nearest station. LOL
Of course once I got the frog Togs on I never got any more rain, but it got a bit cold and the Togs did help keep me warm even though I was soaked.

I picked up my new Austone tire in Lawton, had a great visit for a few hours, and hit the road for the night.
YES, you know me, I still ride the nights! Was a great ride throughout the night on good HY mostly all to myself.
I rode on into NM.

I have to run now, I will try to return soon to post more for the trip.
Don't have internet where I am so have to pop into WIFI spot and not much time to sit around and do that right now. Busy having fun, visiting, and playing with the bikes working on things etc..

Sorry, NO PICS for now. It did happen though, and I have a picture or two just to show it happened, but camera batteries are dead so I can't post them right now.
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Great report Chromo! Keep us posted and be careful out there!!!
Enjoy, and travel safe!
Chromo your heading the wrong direction to make it to Diggers. :raspberry:

Rides Safe and see you soon.
thanks for the update look forward to more
THanks for the update, we do worry about you out there on the open roads at all hours of the day and night on a "Limping" wing.......

Ride safe and hope all goes well with the swap......

We do expect pics of that....

He went to California and went to Disney Land
Get a shower and comb out your beard, dude!

Ride safe!

Good to hear yer still around, was wondering about you.

Good luck in Kalifornia........ ;)
THanks for the update, we do worry about you out there on the open roads at all hours of the day and night on a "Limping" wing.......

Ride safe and hope all goes well with the swap......

We do expect pics of that....
He did make it here, I'm a witness. We got the engine out of my 99SE yesterday while I worked on the 99 Red Aspencade I picked up a couple weeks ago to restore from a 8-10 year set to. (17,597 miles on it, It'll be up for sale in a few days)
We'll start pulling his apart for the transplant operation on Monday. So he won't be out limping on a busted wing at all hours of the day or night.
He'll be posting in a few hours so hang on to your hats boys!
No internet for him unless he goes to McD's
No internet for him unless he goes to McD's
Well call him a cab. :ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:
I always enjoy hearing about Chromo's travels, so I will be waiting for updates and pictures. :smallpopcorn::clapper:
I am back again, for a short bit. Just popped into MD to get wifi.
Having a great time here but no internet access.

Well, I hate cameras. Many of my road pics did not do well. The lens cover on my camera was not opening correctly and I did not know it.

Well, as you know I ride through the night, through the day, and through the night again often.
Here is an example of a days ride for me. LOL


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Well, that first pic was an example really of what my camera did to many of my pictures, the auto lens cover did not open fully and sometimes not at all it seems.

Here's a few better shots that did work a bit better.

Here is also the little trailer I pulled with my LIMPING wing LOL
It was mildly loaded on the way here.
New Mexico pics.


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I am doing fine with my limping wing LOL
Unfortunately a friend had a bit of trouble with a 4X4, but was real close to home luckily.


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So I got into NM. and had a great visit for a couple days.
I headed on out later in the day to ride on into Laughlin, NV.
It was Mothersday Sunday so I stopped to call MOM, called home, etc...

I was getting a side to side wobble a bit once I got over about 60-65mph and ended up riding mostly 55MPH. This and the time on phone and talking to a couple other bikers etc.. pretty much killed my planned arrival time of 11:59pm in Laughlin.
Since I don't really gamble I was going there for the ride and the $15 fancy hotel room LOL
Cheap SUN.-Thurs. and much better than a fleabag side of the road hotel for $35-$50 for sure.
Well I ended up there more like 4AM, about 4 hours later than I wanted. Since I wanted an early start for the morning I just stretched out on my trailer for a fast nap and did not get the room.
It was a great ride down the big long mountain downgrade heading into Bullhead city anyway. One thing about riding at night you can see the big city lights far far away and often it provides a nice view of the sky.
Before I headed out in the morning I did pop into the Casino for a cup of coffee and lost $3 on the slots.
OK, I think I have a system now! I play $1 in 1 machine and I win $2, then quit and go to next machine and play $1 and win $1.50, etc..
Seems I always won a little on the first $1 but of course it went away fast LOL

Well I got out on the road and rode the last 300-400 miles on in and arrived nice and safe.


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Patience is a virtue they say.
Looky what I bought here!

Yes, I finally got myself a Tourmaster Armored mesh jacket!
Found a really good deal on a new jacket on CL that was never worn, seller decided to stop riding, at least for now.

Well, been having a great time here. Not been getting many pictures or doing much to talk about yet. Mostly working on the bikes a bit and visiting.

We'll see what I end up doing with things and how I load up the trailer for the ride home. That may be something to see and talk about LOL!
Many of you know how I load a wing, can you imagine me with a 4x8 trailer! LOL

Well, have to run, battery getting low.
I think I am going to check out my front end today. My front tire is cupping still, and I found that side to side wobble is still there even without the trailer on now.
To begin with I thought it was the trailer doing it, but I think it is the wing and the trailer just made it seem worse. Doing it some now without the trailer, and that is probably what gets the trailer swaying.
I'm a bit more concerned with that of course right now than I am with the 4th gear issue.


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We can always rely on you for descriptions of unusual rides and happenings along the way. :claps:

Carry on Limping!!! :waving:
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