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C'mon, summer! Your boy is waiting......

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That makes two of us!!!!!:waving:
This hurts! I NEED to be there. or anywhere... Winter sucks!:raspberry:
I am also patiently waiting for summer to come along. However with my current work schedule I will be on heavy travel during most if not all of the summer. I may have to just do with the spring and fall....not that its a bad thing, just that its not summer!!
I can't wait for summer either. I'm tired of riding it cold weather
My hope is to ride more miles and farther from home this year than any previous one. This is my first all out touring bike and I believe I'll have the free time necessary for some great trips.

Here's to the best year ever for us all!:cheers:
Brand new GL1800, 7 miles, snow....ugh. Cant wait to complain about the heat~
Kind of ironic really,,,,,,,, How we can't wait for the warmer months of summer,, just so we can end up in places like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;)

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I'm going to take a nice ride this weekend!
Ditto...Ditto to one and all,I still wish it were last fall,we hadn't any clouds for quite sometime,nothing more than pure sunshine..! Ride on..!

Ah, stirrings deep inside, longing for open road and tar snakes. That first ride in the spring on dry asphalt, warm sun on your face. The smells, new growth in the bush and down in the ditches, watching for the gravel left from winter road maintenance.

Thanks CJ, still riding the Ferguson around the neighbourhood blowing snow.

spring is like around the corner, snow on the ground here, still
Spring is three days away and still below freezing here.
Spring has sprung here in Texas. It was beautiful here, temps in the middle 80's and not a cloud in the sky on Saturday. I got the 1200 sidecar rig out and put 500 miles on it. I came home and started to put it up and the 1000 was crying I was neglecting it. So, another trip of 100 miles on the 1000 on the same day. The poor 1100 is still waiting for the parts to be painted.
On Saturday, I rode 200 miles on my new to me bike. Last Thursday I rode to Lake Chelan and back on the Wing. It was 65 and sunny over the pass, of course it was raining here on the west side.

My new to me bike.

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Snowing here this morning. Official Spring is here this week. Wing Spring is more likely to be the first or second week of April.

I feel your pain. :sadguy: I had to come south to get out of the cold - just enjoyed my first Bike Week... Now headed back home to "the cold country" and yet more winter. YUK!!! :thumbsdown:

By the way - LOVE that Indian a few posts up. :cheesygrin:

Our forecast is for freezing temps fortune next week.

I don't get too excited about riding until at least we are into April.
I feel your pain, CJ. It only got into the 80's here this weekend with plenty of sunshine. In spite of the hardship, I managed to get in a 250 mile poker run for the Wounded Warriors on Saturday. I'm hoping it will warm up a little pretty soon.

I guess for those of us who live in Texas we pretty much enjoy riding year round. I know I ride mine almost every day during the winter. The only time I wont ride is if it is poring down rain before I leave for work and the only reason I don't ride then is because I don't feel like changing out of wet clothes after I get to work. (usually just change work boots)
The weather hear has been absolutely beaughtiful and it is to bad that I have to do the dirty four letter word all the time. I would love to make a run to the Twisted Sisters this weekend but I am not sure that my wife is up to it yet (She is still not doing all that great) besides I will probably have to work this weekend.
Don't worry my northern brothers it won't be long and you'll will be riding again soon.
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