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A young girl from Donegal leaves home to find work in the bright lights of London.

She comes home 6 months later and steps out of a taxi wearing a full-length mink coat.

'Begorrah, Colleen,' says her mother. 'Tis a lovely soft coat yer wearin' an' it looks so
expensive. Where did ye get that?'

Colleen replies, 'Sure now, I won it at the bingo. Don't they have wonderful prizes in

When the weekend's over, Colleen returns to the bright lights, but she's back to visit
her mom a few months later. This time, when she steps out of the taxi, she's wearing a beautiful gold wristwatch and a large diamond ring.

Same exchange with Mam...same 'Won it at bingo!'

Colleen returns to the bright lights again. A few months later, she's back. This time
she's sporting a beautiful emerald and diamond necklace with matching bracelet and
earrings. She hands her mother 1,000 pounds and explains that she won it all in bingo. Then she asks Mam to run her a bath as she needs to freshen up.

When Colleen gets to the washroom, there's only a quarter inch of hot water in the
bathtub. Colleen, a wee bit peeved at her Mam being so cheap with the hot water after being handed 1,000 pounds, callsdownstairs,'Mom! sure now, didn't I ask
you to run me a bath? There's only a quarter inch of water in the tub!'

'Indeed there is, me darlin,' replies her Mam. 'But we don't want ye gettin' yer bingo
card wet now, do we ?
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