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Completely restored 82 GL1100 for sale.

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I cant believe I am doing this after a 2 year restoration, but I am going to sell my wing.
I know many folks on this forum followed my rebuild thread located here

I don't even know what to ask for it. What is it worth ? I don't know so I am open to offers.

The bike runs, rides, and handles great ! I just don't like it. I guess Im still in that sport bike / cruiser mind set.
I put less than 2,000 miles on it this summer because unless I was going somewhere with my wife, I found myself getting on one of my other bikes.
I tried to convince myself to like it due to the amount of work I put into it but that isn't working.
My 74 year old dad , who had many wings says I'm still to young to appreciate it....Im 43 .:?

Here are some pics. Believe me when I say it looks better in person. I love looking at it but I just don't enjoy riding it. There wasn't any sun when I took these.

Wait... how do you post pics on this new forum? I cant find the G that I used to click on !

Just went back and pulled up my rebuild thread and none of the pics are coming up. Are they all lost since the new forum take over ?
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I am about to sell my M109 Boulevard to buy a 1982 GL1100 Interstate in Australia. I'm 38 so bad idea? Haven't ridden one yet and I can find one locally to ride.
Mordi, I got back to riding on an '82 GL1100 Standard, like many here, after 30+ years of not riding . The biggest bike I owned up until then was a 500 cc Yamma-hammer street bike. I don't think I really had a lot of trouble transitioning into the bike. Grant it from not riding for all those years I was probably overly cautious, but what old, fat, gray headed guy isn't? I think you'll find the GL is going to be a little heavy at a stop and when maneuvering initially but I would think you'll get comfortable with the 1100 without much trouble. Send pics when you get it.
Ginsco, I can't believe you'd sell it so soon after that awesome rebuild you did to this bike. Whoever buys it is buying a brand new 82. Good luck with the sale :)
I started riding again after 20 years 5years ago started out with a 1100, now have an 1800 so far so good.I'm 66 now.
Unfortunately, the interest in GL1100s has wained. Sometimes I think that I will be the last one riding a 1100.

I sold a really nice 1982 Interstate in Wineberry color for $1995 2 years ago in the Spring. The year later I sold my very nice 1983 1100 Aspencade for $2200. That is probably the price range you are looking at and I have to say that will be a March to June time frame for that price too.
You probably won't get what you have in it but that is the hazard of rebuilding and selling anything. All depends on how the economy is I think. I sold my worn out 83 for $2500 about 5 years ago, sold a nice 81 std. for $2000 last year and the 1st guy to see it bought it and didn't try to talk me down, should have asked more. Priced my 82 to a guy for $3500 trying to not sell it and I think if he had the money in his pocket he would have bought it on the spot.
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