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As Mike is posting, working with the manufactureris prolly best if you suspect an alternator fault.

Take a second to review connections both into and out-from the alternator (the field wire should be seeing solid battery voltage when running), and it's not uncommon to see an aged battery fail at the higher charge voltage/rate from the upgrade,

A few documents that can help you to self-repair (saving the mint on shipping) ar linked here -- Since the internal bits and rear case are mostly from the Delco CS-121/130 family, parts should be quite available. The CS-121 and CS-130 alternators were massively deployed in General Motors cars and light trucks in the mid-late '90s (GMC, Chevrolet, etc - the Holden Suburban 5.7L should have this alternator in most applications as well).

For reference, here's:
  1. a link to a hosted PDF file of a reasonable service manual for the CS-130 / CS-121 alternator
  2. a direct link to an aftermarket application guide tht may help to cross-reference vehicle application to the CS-130/ CS-121 alternator family (look in the "Family" column) if you need to sniff-out a few parts by vehicle application, if your auto-parts counters have become as weak as ours here in the states
Do have a proper look through the bike, and measure the alternator output at the alternator itself for comparison to what you're seeing at the battery. Just to confirm a diagnosis before getting too far.

Ken mentions the rotors failing - Tests are about 1/2-way down that service manual PDF... on page 5 -- best place to look, once you've got it opened

good luck!
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