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Merry xmas to everyone,

I was riding home the other day, and I notice that my volt meter was going down, indicating that my bran new alternator has started to fail.

I got home, but the battery had little to no life left.
I recharge the battery and started the bike and tested the volt coming out of the alternator.
At the time I placed it in the bike its was given me a 13v output at 1000rpm
now its around 12.3volts.

So why, I called cyclemax, they are happy for me to send it back at my cost ($90.00) and if they cant find any thing wrong with it its going to cost me another $90.00 to get it back, plus the time it takes to get it from Australia to the states and back.

So if I take it apart, what should I be looking auto electrician believes its the brushes...
Has anyone experience the same problem...
any help will be appreciated, as its summer here in Perth and the bike is in bits again.

thanks you:);)
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