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Hi Everyone,

I have a question I hope you all can answer for me. I have a 1998 GL1500SE, recently, I pulled of the "Front Side Cover" to get at the bleeder valve for the clutch to bleed the system.

While I was working in there, I noticed a couple of drops of what looks like antifreeze dripping from one of two clear plastic tubes that look like overflow tubes from the radiator possibly. They both have plastic plugs in the end of them, and hose clamps on them so fluid will not drain out. One of these tubes had about an ounce or so of antifreeze in it. I pulled out the plug and cut of about an inch of tubing so the plug fits tightly, which stopped the leak.

My question is, "if these are overflow tubes for the radiator or overflow tank, why are they plugged?"

Hope I haven't confused you all to much! Oh, by the way I installed "Speed Bleeders" on all 3 brake calipers and the clutch system and they work AWESOME!! I highly reccomend them to all!! Thanks in advance!


Mike V
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