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Cornering lights to running lights GL1500

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I recently set out to debug my cornering light issue.
Thanks to some help from Dborer and a few others in here I was able to track down the relays causing the issue. (one light would remain on)

The prob was a bad relay and I was going to just replace it, But then I found the cause for the bad relay.

In my gl1500 the sockets for the cornering lights are 99 percent plastic. And apparently the left side had would on occasion short out. Over time this damaged the relay. More over That plastic socket was so melted and broken that the bulb would not stay in it.

I had called the parts shop and asked about replacements... well they dont just sell the sockets they sell the whole light assembly. $90 -

After investigating converting them over to fog lights from information I found in here, I determined that would be the best course of action. I purchased the kit to do so . and I have to say when I got the parts it was a snap to put it together!
When I say snap I literally mean that!, as to me, taking apart my Goldwing to do anything on it reminds me of my little brother's 'snap together models' when I was a teenager. I will note that the springs that hold the lights against the panel are best IMHO not crossed in an X but parallel to each other since I can slip the light housing underneath rather than fight those spring with my skinny female fingers.

The entire kit comes with everything you need. Including the rubber seal that goes around the light and mounting brackets for the springs. (the was very nice of them because mine were missing!) they provide you with a connector in lieu of a relay that closes the circuit to the cornering lights permanently. Simple.

I would say it took me 2 hours to put it together- and I took my time and made sure everything was snapped in tight and right. Those connectors need to go in nice and snug or you get to repeat a side.

For some reason the instructions have you hacksawing and gluing and what not. I didnt need to do that at all. overall I would say the instructions are strange. All I had to do was pull the relays, Pop in the connectors, attach the fasteners to the left and right place where the lights are attached, Connect the springs to the connectors, slide in the lights and connect the plug. Very easy.

The Kit is from Show chrome accessories
Part number 52-595BB

And before anyone asks I was not able to find any led bulb to replace the ones that come with it.

I Prob will get around to putting them on a switch. It would save fuel to run with the minimal light config during the day.

Oh one other thing. The sockets in this kit are METAL!

Speaking of lights I would like to know if anyone has put a switch on the main head light?

Oops forgot to mention the whole kit cost about $135 not bad cuz they give you all the parts you need.

Here is the site.
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I would probably go with this for the headlight cutout: It is plug and play and Lewis Preston has spent a lot of time and research in his products. I don't think you can go wrong with his stuff...
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Hey thanks that will help a lot!
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