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nobbie wrote:
Mel, try something

Sit down on the sofa with your lovely lady.

Open an old photo album and a road map.

Does it put smiles on your faces?
You are a wise man, nobbie --- that it does, that it does!

We've been touring pretty regularly since 1989. We have lots of photo albums and lots of old, wrinkly,marked up road maps! And every mark, every wrinkle is a lovely memory, and merits lots of smiles!

Thank you, sir...... pays to keep it all in perspective! We will be fine tomorrow at 1030 hours..... Red will be out of school, the bike is packed, we know our route, we have friends to see along the way...... It's good to be free, it's good to be alive, and it's damn good to be a motorcyclist! See you out there!
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