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Death wobble: An inquiry/solution: maybe you could test

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Ok, been thru the whole bike as best as possible looking for a cause.
This is the ONLY bike I have ever owned, that I'm actually been afraid to let go both handle bars for any reason.

today, rode for a bit, got the wobble as I slowed down from 40mph in 4th gear. (testing it holding bars loosely)
I had been doing a two up ride, so I pulled over and let some air out. It had been maxed front and rear. (I prefer to ride with max air in the shocks and tires, feels a bit sharper in and out of turns.)

did not get off, just put it in Neutral, stood up, dropped air almost to the bottom of the brackets, for the rear only, and took off.
That wobble at that speed couldn't be reproduced. In fact, I couldn't reproduce it in 2nd gear from 35ish I'm intrigued
Pulled over, dropped the air in the front shocks. Only one bar up from the bottom. Before it was at the top.
Guess what? Wobble back with a vengeance.
Put air to max in front, leaving rear air at the very bottom of the brackets.....and some wobble-minor- but so far, just in first and only if I let go as it slowed down. And it wasn't immediate, I had a zero grip for maybe two/three houses before it started.
And it wasn't as violent a shake, just sort of started a slight firmer grip and it vanished.

Anyone want to try it and report back to see if you get the same results?
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I got wobble on both my previous 1500 and on my current 1800, when the tyres were getting well worn. Changed tyres and the wobble went completely.
Particularly worse when the front tyre was well through it's life.
Changing the suspension pressure changes the steering angle and fork rake which will have an effect on a wobble.
Changing the suspension pressure changes the steering angle and fork rake which will have an effect on a wobble.
that was my observation too, also given me some hope to finally kill it once i tweak out the air settings.
torque the steering head bearings
the few bikes I've owned/replaced/adjusted steering head bearings, unless the suggestion is go tighter than factory, its within specs.
new rear tire, all other bearings tight, front tire.....granted its got miles on it, however, when I spin it, it looks and feels much better than many other bikes I've had without this insidious wobble.
Have you changed the fluid in the forks (ATF) sounds like the way mine handled with almost no fluid on one side. It's not as hard a job as it seems as long as you can use your weight to push the cap down and find an easy way to turn the cap at the same time. The rest is really easy.

jeff, two years ago, its a job for this weekend time permitting, no visible leaks, but could be the ATF is just roached too
I remember before I changed the oil in my forks the motivating factor was while on flat ground holding the front brake rocking the bike so the forks would move well I could hear them pulling air. (one side was almost empty)

After changing the oil in the forks and rear shocks I have a smooth ride.

Like what was said the steering bearing and swing arm bearing should be checked. If those are good I would look at the tires.:praying:

Be careful riding while it's misbehaving.
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