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I want to put in a recommendation here:

IF, one of you lives in the states, USA...
and you have an RV, or a camper, that can be set up in a RV park, or suitable place with sewer, electric, water, or at their home if they have 30 amp service available and space to park it......

And, IF, you would like to help Medical Personnel who are overly stressed at possibly taking home Covid-19 to their families.... they need alternative places to stay.... they can't afford hotels, but if you can loan them a camper/RV out of the goodness of your heart, please check this out.

I have a weekend camper that I am thinking about offering.....
it is not fancy, but it would allow a doctor/nurse take a shower w/o endangering their family. And provide a bed and bath facilities.
it has a working refrigerator.... very simple, weekend camper...

but for a doctor, it would be heaven on earth if they can avoid endangering their loved ones.

I have to clear this with my daughter, but she is the one who caught the link and posted it on Facebook.
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