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Does anyone know the part number for master cyl rebuild kit 83gl?

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I recently bought a rear master cylinder rebuild kit for my 83gl1100 and the part is a k&l 32-4271. Problem is the plunger is about .540 in diameter and the one I removed from my bike is about .623 in diameter.
The bike looks like its from the factory the way it was made but the nameplate says 83 gl1100, the title has the same vin but says 83 gl1100i.
I bought 3 brake caliper rebuild kits about a month ago and only 1 of the 3 worked, now I have this master cylinder problem.....:lash:.
My brother has the same bike but it has the vetter fairing and bags and its an 82 gl1100i.
My bike is an 83 and the fairing and bags are not vetter, they look more like a Harley fairing and the bags are bigger, especially the rear trunk, his comes off so as to carry it around with a handle and mine are larger, especially the trunk, looks like I could carry at least 6 to 8 gallons of milk in it! I'm confused with all the differences.

Any info would be greatly appreciated:bow:
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Honda OE is 43520-MB9-781 PISTON SET
shown here

You also stated your brothers bike was same as yours. 82 had comstock wheels factory where the 83 had nicer spoke mag wheels.
Well my brothers IS an 82 with comstar wheels and mine IS an 83 with 11 spoke mag wheels. I was curious in the differences in fairings, brakes and master cylinders.
AND to tell if mine is standard or interstate because I order parts and they are not always correct and fitting my bike when I order for 83 1100i which is what my title says.
But vin plate says 83 gl1100,
no I or a.
Where are you buying parts? That number I posted is for a 1983 GL1100/GL1100-I and GL1100-A
The 82 have different numbers.

Weird K-L says 82 I and A models and 83 GL1100 STD are same k&l 32-4271

and the 83 I and A models used K&L Supply Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit
# 32-4272

If title says it is a GL1100 I..that is what I would order parts for. Any badging on bike could be changed...
See that's the whole problem, I've been ordering parts for an interstate and they keep coming not being exactly the right part then I have to send them back and reorder. I have been ordering from different people and companies on ebay and I think the discrepancy lies in the interstate or standard?
I am returning the part 32-4271 and getting part 32-4272
Maybe its the description a lot of these people have is wrong, they say these parts I've been getting are for all models of 83 gl and apparently they are not.
In fact most of the time they say parts fit all gl1100 models 80-83 and obviously this is incorrect. Guess I need to find out how to guarantee my parts are correct before ordering? Any suggestions how I can do this?
I Do not trust ebay or amazon sellers. I would cross reference to the link in partzilla. I have used them for years and they have never failed to be wrong.
Dumb moment! Trouble figuring out exactly what type of goldwing i have!

Ok here goes, I've had trouble with parts I order not matching up to the ones I take off my bike. Thought the title said gl1100i and vin did not, but in fact, the title and vin on bike just say 83 I or a.

I've looked at pics of standards, interstates and aspencades online and my bike looks like interstate or aspencade.
Did aspencade have an a at the end of gl1100? I know interstate has an I.

I looked up the vin code on and it comes up as 83 gl1100/gl1100A.

Brake parts for standard are not working, i'm comfused.....:wtf:
This bike is loaded with bags and chrome and lights all over.
Please help.....will post pics soon.
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I maybe wrong but isn't this a continuation of getting the wrong parts from k&l?
If so you're buying a pig in a poke as aftermarket dealers get it wrong more often than right.

If you go to your Honda dealer you may pay a few $ more but get the correct parts.
I'm finding that out apparently, just trying to do my homework because money has been tight around here for awhile and I cant always afford dealer prices.
some GL1100 had single piston calipers and others had two piston calipers. see what you have and other based on single piston or two piston and you should be fine.
As Ken says, the dealer is more likely to get the correct part, and I'd bet dollars to donuts it will be higher quality. What may surprise you is, Honda parts are often priced better than aftermarket junk.
Now, with that said; what are you buying that doesn't fit?
I've merged both threas together for you machineman2101.
Yes on the vin tag on the steering neck, you will find the
MODEL: GL1100 (Standard), GL1100I or GL1100A in the lower corner of the tag.
The 83 Aspencade has a few unique parts to itself, one year only, the speedo gauges are digital and electronically driven as compared to analog 150 MPH speedo, cable driven, on the Interstate and Standard (GL).
The 1983 Aspencade is a 1 year brake system components. The rear master cyl has a bigger bore than the 82 as in 83 Honda went to the linked brakes, linking the rear caliper and right front caliper via a distribution block on the front of the swingarm and are operated by the rear pedal. The right front caliper pistons are smaller diameter than the 82, all models and 83 standard (GL). The 83 Aspencade also come with a thicker, vented, rotors on the front and rear.
The left front caliper is operated by the front hand lever master cyl.

For the rear master cyl kit on the Aspencade and the Interstate you need the 32-4272 kit, they use the same rear master cyl. (There are different kits for the calipers on the 83 A and I, so be sure which bike you have before ordering these too.)
If you need a rear rotor you can use the ones off of any GL1200(these are solid rotors, not vented and work fine)

The 32-4271 kit is for the 83 Standard and 82 all models.

This Item Fits the Following Applications: 1982-1983 Honda GL1100 Gold Wing, Application: Rear 1982 Honda GL1100I Gold Wing Interstate, Application: Rear 1982 Honda GL1100A Gold Wing Aspencade, Application: Rear
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PM sent to help with identification of you wing. I'm up the road a couple hrs from you visiting the grandkids.
The best way to identify an Interstate from a Standard is by the pin striping on the tank. The Standard striping follows the rounded coutour of the front of the tank. The Interstate and Aspencade striping will be on a straight line diagonal at approximately a 45 degree angle across the front of the tank. All this assuming the bike hasn't been repainted.
I've merged both threas together for you machineman2101.
Thanks wingnut
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