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Over the last week i have performed "100000 Miles" service on my 2006 GL1800 which has resulted in a lot of separation and reassembly.
I've fitted new bearings in the alternator, I've had the hitch off to weld some small cracks, I've fixed some aftermarket / home-made wiring due to electrical noise in the headset, I've cleaned all the difficult places and of course I have performed complete service as mentioned by Honda, - and, - and.
I really tried to make my planned 3 to 4 months traveling around Europe as seamless as possible, so I thought that I had worked very thoroughly.
BUT when I wanted to start and test drive the motorcycle nothing happened, not even a "click" from the starter! , - light and radio, etc. seemed normal.
Before this service I had started the motorcycle and warmed it up and it had been connected to my battery maintainer all winter and I knew the battery was only a good year old!
ALMOST PANIC and preparing to separate it all again !!
Fortunately, my multimeter was still in the workplace and I agreed with myself to test the battery (though I "knew" it was okay).
IT WASN'T - only approx. 8 to 9 volts when I pressed the starter!
The store gave me a new one on warranty.
My moral is: Trust yourself and take a few deep breaths before separating it all again.:)
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