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I just plugged in Winnipeg (my hometown) to Pittsburgh on Google Maps. On the options drop down I chose 'Avoid highways' and 'Avoid tolls' and I got a route that doesn't take me down any Interstates. And that's a 1300 mile one-way trip.

Yup .... that's the way I do it for the 'Basis' of my trips/tours.

For instance, I plot a route from my place to Port Orchard, WA using Google Maps and don't check off either of those options, I get the option of 3 routes.

If I check off just the avoid highways option, it suggests these 3 routes

If I check off both the avoid highways and tolls, it suggest these 2 routes.

If I check off just avoid tolls, then it suggests these 3 routes, which are variants of the others.

Now ... suppose I want to make a route correction to places I want to go to. I can grab hold of the route and change it to where I want to go. Lets just click the avoid highways option and drag the route around to where I want to go, like the Canadian Rockies and BC, before I get to Port Orchard.
You end up with this route, which is the route that Winger77 and I took out to NASSIR 4, last year. During the trip out there and back, we did more miles on gravel roads then we did Interstates. (some places, short sections of Interstates are unavoidable, for the time allotted)

So, seeing as I started using a Garmin Nuvi 765T GPS last year, I went to Harley Davidson Ride Planner and copied the same route I had on Google Maps (HD Ride Planner uses Google Maps as well), by dragging the route around until it copied what I had on Google Maps. I then downloaded it straight on to my GPS, as it accepts custom routes, which not all GPS have the ability to do. The one caution I will give about HD Ride Planner is ... make sure you zoom right in to where you place your way points, so that they are placed exactly where you want them, or else it could move to a side street, or the other lane of a highway/4 lane road and will reroute you to take you to that errant way point. Other than that, it is an excellent free program that I use all the time. A slight learning cure, but it is not steep, or long. It can't be ... after all, I use it! :grin:

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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