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Dyna Beads

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Well, 4000 miles later I replaced the tire. DROVE the bike there, tires nice and hot......and I wanted to see what they looked like.
Had they survived, were they powder, hell, were they in there at all!
To my dismay, they were there, and caked, stuck to the inside of the tire..maybe 1/3 a little more were still free and rolling around. The rest, were stuck on the sidewalls, and in the center- a few long strips 18-20" long, and 1/8" to 1" wide. Looked like a splatter or something, but they were STUCK to the side wall, took my fingernail and scraped at them.

never again. I asked the guy changing tires and he said about half were like that. He suggested that using air that had moisture in it might allow them to freeze (they absorb water) ...ok, sooo, why did they remain glued in place? I put a fair amount of miles, including RR tracks, bumps, and the tires were good and hot when I rolled. Amazing they were stuck there!
I was going to put a new load back in, but...went with ugly conventional lead..

In all the searching on how cool they were, never found any mention of that.

EDIT: I dont sell lead weights, I dont sell a similar product to dyna beads, nor have I worked at and now have a grudge with dynabeads.
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I recently replaced my front tire that had DynaBeads in it for 10,000+ miles. They were in good shape, I reused them they were so good. For some reason, you must have got some moisture in the tire. From the mounting process perhaps?
very strange ! never heard of that . mine have been in for a couple years now. still smooth riding .
Nothing like that for me, I have even been able to re-use them. The only thing I noticed was that a small percentage of them had turned black from the rubber I suppose, but they were still functional. I do deflat the tire when I get it home and refill with my own compressor that has a dehumidifier on it, don't know if that makes a difference but it's what I've typically done. :?
after I posted I googled dyna beads sticking/stuck/clumped and found a number of posts here and there, I get the moisture in on the road compressors, was 80 when I rode the half hour there. inside tire was dry, but they were stuck. I'm thinking it was...maybe..who knows, maybe some crap in the tire when it installed.
I did notice vibration starting early this year on a few long runs.
Dont know 'force' but it took some effort to scrape them off the surface.
+1 hoped to reuse them! I might try them again when I do the front, I like the concept.
the ones rolling were still the same white color as when i got them inside.
How about that slippery **** that they put around the bead when mounting? Could that have been used too heavely and caused the sticking? Just thinking out loud a bit...
possible. had the tires for a year when I decided to knock off the weights and pour in the beads, didn't watch that one get mounted...coulda peed in it for all I know, LOL
Something seems to have got into the tire. If they were stuck as hard to the sidewall as you say.... there had to be something else in here. Perhaps from air sorce, perhaps from mounting lube or patch seal.
I have ran the same set of Dynabeads in up to 3 tires. Never clump or stick. They cannot absorb water due to the material they are made of. I have however seen some crack and roll around as half beads. But that would be extremly few.
The biggest plus I have experienced is the longer and smooth-even tire tread wear.

Now I know there are some out there that hate these things. And that is fine.. but my experience with this Snake Oil product has been excellent!!! They won't cure warts or hair loss tho!

Corventure Dave
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