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Use an UV light, like this one:

I just now saw a post talking about this on our neighbor's forum at Easier Way to see Oil Level • GL1100 Information & Questions •

DStone » Thu Mar 12, 2020 8:42 pm

For many years I have lurked on this site and finally found something important enough to post about.
Through the 26 years I have owned and ridden my 82 Interstate I have gone through the contortions necessary to see the oil level sight glass, and still couldn't see the oil level, even with a flashlight.

Well, I discovered that if you use a UV light the oil glows green and the oil level is very easy to see.
Surely someone has done this before but I have never read about it.
It works with the Delo 400 I use and I assume it will work with others. Give it a try.
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