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Greeting to all!!

I am a new member that just signed on today. I owned a ’83 GL1100 until May of this year when I sold it and bought a ’96 GL1500SE via the Internet. I flew from Manitoba Canada to Reno and rode the bike back. Other than a snowstorm in North Dakota, it was a nice ride. The Northwestern part of the United States and the Black Hill’s are beautiful and are a riders haven.

On the way back the fuel gauge, temp gauge, OD indicator, stand down indicator, and taillight went dead. They have come back on now but seem to go out again every once in a while. All come and go at the same time so I assume they are all the same circuit or run through the same connector. Rain and/or bumps don’t seem to trigger it on or off, it just comes and goes at will.

Has this happened to anyone else, and does anyone have any ideas for me.

Please everyone….keep your head up and ride safe.

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