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doug77 wrote:
If you want some opinions on this matter,
I would strongly recommend going to visit Randakk at his site This is an excellent source for all types of info. on the old wings.
I'm sure many of you guys riding the vintage wings can vouch for his expertise.

77 GL1000 semi-naked!
Ah heck, Randakk thinks it's a sin to change anything from original. He's good and knows a lot, but.......I just replaced my Dyna S, which was purchased for my Wing in 1985. The only reason it burned was because the old "piggy-back" ballast that used to come with them back then, broke and caused a surege. Even so, 20 years is a long time for any motorcycle part to last.....I had to use points till I rewired the bike. Man, I hated those points!!
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