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Seem a previous owner "upgraded" the stock exhaust by cutting a discrete panel and removing the baffles. I didnt care for the sound. While it did growl a bit more, there was an annoying pop in the exhaust note.

One liter bikes shouldnt pop.

Went with a pair of Emgo reverse megaphones, $52/each on Amazon, model 80-84034.
Comes with an array of sleeve adapters.

Installation was pretty simple. I had to lose the bracket that mount under the passenger pegs. A quick mock up showed that the brace included in the kit was too long. I cut 2 holes off the end, rounded the sharp edges and loosely installed. Had to drill out the hole to be used at the passenger peg. Assembled with both the peg bolt and brace attachment loose. Starting at the muffler, I tightened the brace bolt, then the peg bolt. Using a small scrap of 2X4 to brace against the wheel, I used a little push to start the bend, then a little fine tuning with a 10 adjustable wrench for minor tweaks.

After a few measurements and adjustments, I took it all down for final assembly.

Only needed to use the largest adapter. Slathered on some exhaust sealant, a few taps of a rubber mallet and they were in. Tightened the brace at the muffle first, then the passenger peg, then the muffler clamp. Quick clean-up of excess sealant, then wait 30 minutes for air drying.

While I waited those 30 minutes, I realized that the center stand would smack the underside of the left muffle in the up position! What to do???

Those tabs I cut off of the muffler brace were the perfect fix. There are two clamping bolts that hold the center stand to it's axle. Remove them. add the cutoff tab at the top and reassemble the bolt. When done with one side, do the other. The center stand will be too low. An application of a 3lb maul to the feet of the center stand will bend the tabs up and allow the center stand to ride in the proper position.

I like the sound! A little more growly, not too obnoxious, and no popping!

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