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garthfan0523 wrote:
1983 GL1100 Interstate that I have a properly-functioning electrical system, I need to get some advice on the engine....

While working on the wiring today, I had to let the engine run for a bit to keep the battery charged because I'd had the lights on for so long. She started up just fine and sounded good with the choke full-on (it was about 69-70 degrees at the time here in New Hampshire). After she warmed up a bit I closed the choke about half-way and she started to sound really, really rough. Sort of like she was running along on only two cylinders. When I tweaked the throttle (gently, of course) she caught up to herself and sounded perfectly smooth. Combine this little incident with the fact that she's a bit rough going down the road and I'm wondering if I've got more than a carb-rebuild on my hands....?

Ideas, anyone? Thanks a bunch!

Jeremy, what you experienced is not all that uncommon.. Running with full enrichener (choke) tends to load the spark plugs with fuel. Even going back to 1/2 enrichener after they are loaded a little will still leaves a little uneven running. If you were riding the bike you would be up off the idle circuit & probably wouldn't notice any problem. When idling for a while you really should open the enrichener as far as possible then use the throttle lock (if you have one) to hold the idle up..

The rough running going down the road could be a carb problem, could be a spark plug problem, or could be a plug wire problem, or could be engine mechanical related like compression, valves or, intake leak.. You will have to do some testing & looking to distinguish what is causing your problem.

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