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Eureka Springs Ar. looking to buy. ride and watch!

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Looking to buy some land around Eureka Springs Ar. perhaps.
I have several things I want to do over the next few years in that area.

Since this is a very popular place and many here like to get out ride that area, if you see a place I may like for sale while riding around Eureka Springs Ar. , and care to take the time to get a few details I'd give thanks if I buy it. Maybe a small finders fee like $100 or free camping for long as I own it if I buy it, maybe both or even more.
If you happen to see something PM me here.

What I am looking for is a nice easy ride close to Eureka Springs, Ar and Branson, MO. on the AR. side of the line! I have NO interest in buying anything in MO. at all!! It's only about 50 miles from Branson, Mo to Eureka Springs Ar. and I would like to be between the 2 places to draw biker/tourists from both towns

Though I'll never find the Ideal property I am sure, here's close to what I am looking for.
Land on good riding roads, paved, and that we would like to ride in and out of ES and Branson, and something good for tent camping. Reasonably cheap in the rural area. Cleared farm pasture or nice woods.
If it has a decent old building like maybe an old out of business store, or gas station, or restaurant, even better if it has acreage with with it.
Old house or mobile home on site OK but not needed.
Price around $10K maybe $20k tops. Prefer an owner finance option, but may do a bank if needed.

I'm flexible, but the 5yr goal is a restarunt, brew pub, biker only camping, etc... and building several luxury cabins myself as I am experience in log home building!

The primary concern would be that bikers would actually want to ride in and stay at the location!

So out goes the call to all members who plan to ride the great roads of AR. and MO. in the area of Eureka Springs Ar. and Branson, MO. to help me find something we would all enjoy.

Watch for those for sale signs and sale by owner signs as you ride the area.
I'm only about 150-200 miles away, but far too many roads for me to ride by myself to just be looking around for forsale signs with no clue as where to look. The more eyes the better!

Since this pertains to something to do while riding the area I figure it should be in General Motorcycle Discussions area which is why I posted here.
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Probably something on a back road away from ES the prices would be lower. Maybe somewhere down 21 between Hwy 62 and 412. I'll keep my eyes peeled when I'm up that way.
I was just up that way a couple of weeks ago ... usually make the trip several times a year.

Will check things out on my trips through that area.

Good luck in your search!
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