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Eyeball Cards Annyone?!?!

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OK folks, riding season is upon us and it's time to get those "eyeball cards" ready to go!!!! :thumbsup:

I have logged some pretty respectable travel miles (over 60k so far in three years) and have met people from all walks of life at some of the most interesting places in the country (not to mention a lot of people from this very forum). One of the things that has always perplexed me is that I have no record of those interesting people that I have met (who, when, where) and I have no easy way to invite t
hem to our forum without getting out a piece of paper and writing it down for them (which they probably loose anyway).

I was recently going through some of my old boxes of stuff and came across some of the "QSL Cards" I had collected as a ham radio operator in the Navy and I remembered how interesting it was to add each card to the growing collection. So, the thought came to me that it might be a great idea if we started carrying a similar type of card with us as we travel to pass out to each other as a record of our meeting and memory jogger when we get home and take time to reflect. A fellow member offered this tidbit:

W4EMW (Ed from Georgia) wrote:

"Hey Halfling, that's a great idea. I've done the same with QSL cards for years. Just recently started collecting what we call "eyeball" qsl's like these. I'm getting mine done this weekend. Gotta get some new pics made so I can have a good selection to choose from."

Awesome, that's the ticket, "Eyeball Cards"!!! These cards are smaller in size (usually business card size), easy to carry and can make a lasting impression at club meetings, meet & greets, or anywhere people interact. I can see where these "Eyeball Cards" could easily cross over to our motorcycle touring world where they could be used to pass out at meet & greets, lunch rides or just the chance meeting on a weekend ride. They could be quickly dropped into a bowl for a raffle or as a record of your attendance at an event. The possibilities are endless and the benefits are huge!

If you like this idea (I hope you do and that it's popularity grows) then I would like to suggest two simple guidelines for standardization.

  1. Standard business card size, to keep your personal costs down and be easy to carry. It also facilitates collecting them in binders/sleeves designed for business cards. My collection now contains over 50 cards just from last year!
  2. A place somewhere on the card to record (write in) the date and location of the meeting. This will solve the "when/where did I meet them?" question!
As with the QSL cards, the overall design and information you put on it (both front and back) is totally up to you and your own personal creativity. Based on several excellent suggestions, I now use the front for a picture and contact information and the back for an avatar and my forum affiliations.

That's it! Get yours ready now and join the growing "Eyeball Card" movement. Start collecting and be the first on your block to have a highly treasured "Halfling" card!!!

Note: No need to have them printed up if you don't want to. I actually made my own which allowed me to do some trial and error to get them just the way I wanted them. I went out to Office Depot and purchased some Avery clean edge business cards (8876) and then went to and did mine online. The results are in PDF format and can be saved to your computer for future use or modification. It was pretty easy and they printed well on my inexpensive Epson color printer.

From now on, when I happen to meet a fellow rider, I don't miss the opportunity to hand out my "Eyeball Card"! How about you?

So, here's a pic of mine to start the ball rolling!

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Great idea, I'll work on a design tomorrow.
I've gotta make a few changes to mine from last year's but yes, I have some. :)
Great idea! I'm going to do it!:thumbsup:
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