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fake gas tank gl 1200 standard

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What years of the gl standards fake gas tank, fit my 84 gl 1200 A? I'm making a naked wing and want to use a standards fake gas tank cover to have a better look. 84 was the last year for the standard, and the further I can go back, the more chances I have of finding one.
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As far as I know, only the '84 will just bolt on. The 1100 tanks were different. In fact, almost everything was different form the 1100s to the 1200s, other than the basic look. They are completely different bikes.
Ok that helps and hurts, since they didn't make alot of the 1200 standards, the chances of me finding one are not good. I have a search request for one at find my parts .com. If they know how rare they are, if they find one they will probably want an arm and a leg. I wonder what I could use to cover up the exposed area that the standard tank did? Maybe some thin diamond plate, or some thick leather, like saddle bags are made of, and put chrome studs around the edges. I don't like that ledge that sticks out to the side, maybe I can cut that off and butt what ever I decide to use up against bottom edge of tank cover? If I ruin it they are alot on ebay, real cheap, like $30
Jerry H is correct, the 1200 standard did have the side panels unique to that rare model, so they are going to be like hen's teeth to find, I suspect.

You might possibly be able to do something with a set of 1100 panels if you were good with glass fiber or plastic welding. :?
motify 83 standard fake tank to fit 84, 1200

I can't find a fake tank from an 84 1200 standard, But there a lots of pre 84 ones out there, cheap. I am making my 84, 1200 Asp. into sort of a standard, or what you call a naked wing, The pre 84 tanks cover that exposed area that the fering covers on 84's, I have looked at many close up pic's, of pre 84 bikes, and the location of the coolant tank and regulator are the same, and their really the only things sticking up above the frame. So with that said It looks to me that it wouldn't be to hard to motify an earlier tank for fit and attatchment. Has anyone out there put a pre 84 tank cover on a 84 1200 ?
1100 pod will fit over my 84 interstate parts bike, so it's doable.


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That's cool, I bid on a 83 tank cover on ebay last night. The bid's were at $9.99, so I kicked it up to $20.00
Best of luck with it. For some reason, tanks are fairly cheap. Even a complete saddlebag or trunk can cost half or less than a sidecover. I guess it is supply and demand. Goldwings loose sidecovers like crazy. And for some reason it usually seems to be the left one.
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